Quirk Hard Seltzer Review: Watermelon Salt and Lime


Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 5g

ABV: 4.2%

Quirk Watermelon Salt and Lime

Quirk Watermelon Salt and Lime Hard Seltzer is Light and Authentic Tasting

Salt and lime are a popular pairing in adult beverages. Some liquors, such as tequila, rely upon this pair to power the taste experience. For example, tequila cocktails such as Margaritas and Ranch Waters wouldn’t be complete without lime juice and salt. Quirk Hard Seltzer came out with a Watermelon Salt and Lime Hard Seltzer that utilizes the delicious combo, but they also add a unique twist — watermelon. The watermelon adds a new dynamic that takes the delicious pair of salt and lime to the next level. This trio of flavors is one we knew we had to test here at Seltzer Nation. In this review, we discuss the taste experience, aroma, color, ingredients, and more to provide you with a detailed preview of this hard seltzer.

Lime and Watermelon Make for an Excellent Flavor Combination

When you pour a Quirk Watermelon Salt and Lime Hard Seltzer out of its can, the liquid has a light pink color, and it is cloudier than you might expect. There are also lots of bubbles, which makes it an excellent option for hard seltzer enthusiasts who enjoy a fair amount of carbonation. The smell was not distinguishable, which was somewhat disappointing; we hoped for the nice aroma of watermelon and lime. As it pertains to the flavor, the watermelon was accurate and tasted natural. We also tasted the lime which was authentic as well. It never tasted fake. There was a strong aftertaste due to the lime. The salt was also the perfect complement to the lime and watermelon flavors. The flavors were noticeable; however, we were hoping they would be a little more prominent. The lime is more evident than the watermelon.

A Light Hard Seltzer with a Variety of Flavors

Quirk makes its Watermelon Salt and Lime with salt and lime, carbonated water, alcohol from sugar, natural flavors, watermelon juice, and lime juice. The alcohol content is 4.2% ABV. This hard seltzer is relatively light but still provides a noticeable kick. It is also light in terms of calories. There are only 90 calories per 12-ounce canned beverage. There are 5 grams of carbohydrates as well and 0 grams of sugar. This hard seltzer is also gluten-free.

A Nice Hard Seltzer with Summertime Vibes

Quirk Watermelon Salt and Lime offers a summer vibe experience. It is great for relaxing and enjoying a cold alcoholic drink on a warm and sunny summer day. Whether you are hanging with the family in your backyard or meeting friends at the beach, this hard seltzer is an excellent option to add to your cooler. Everything from the branding to the combination of lime and watermelon flavors makes Quirk Watermelon Salt and Lime perfect for warm weather drinking. Of course, you can also enjoy these hard seltzers straight from your fridge any time of the year, particularly when you want to unwind and let go of the stress from a long day or week.

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