Fling Canned Cocktail Review: Fiesta Y Siesta Margarita

Fling Fiesta Y SiestaMargarita Canned Cocktail Featured

Rating: 87 Points


Carbs: g

ABV: 9%

Fling Fiesta Y SiestaMargarita Canned CocktailFling Fiesta Y Siesta/Margarita Canned Cocktail Delivers an Authentic Margarita Experience

Fling Craft Cocktails is a line of ready-to-drink canned cocktails from Boulevard Brewing Company. Along with the promise of fantastic flavor, Fling Craft Cocktail flavors are particularly enticing due to their fun and intriguing names. One flavor that appealed to us specifically is the Fiesta y Siesta Margarita (which translates to “party and nap”). The name seems appropriate to Fling’s Margarita canned cocktail, which features a strong amount of alcohol and big-time flavor. This is an excellent drink to offer at parties, and it is great for relaxing after a long day as well. We decided to test and review the Fling Fiesta Y Siesta Margarita. Below are our observations and thoughts.

An Authentic Lime and Margarita Experience

The Fiesta y Siesta Margarita by Fling Craft Cocktails has a powerful flavor that features lime, salt, and agave spirits. The lime flavor is strong and takes center stage. If you love traditional margaritas, then this is one that you should try. It tastes very similar to a margarita that you would receive at a bar or restaurant. However, you can consume this canned cocktail in your home straight out of the can and have an authentic margarita experience. There is a strong punch and bite to it; the alcohol is incredibly strong. In fact, the alcohol content is 9% ABV, so be sure to drink responsibly and consume in moderation. There is also a strong lime aroma. You are greeted by the nice scent as soon as you pop open the can. You will also notice a pale lime color to the liquid that adds to the authenticity of the margarita experience as well.

A Strong Punch of Alcohol, Featuring 9% ABV

The Fling Fiesta Y Siesta/Margarita is made with American agave spirit, neutral spirits, lime, salt, and natural flavors. As discussed, the lime is very prominent, although you can taste a range of flavors (including salt). The alcohol-by-volume is 9%, so it is relatively strong compared to most hard seltzer beverages. This hard seltzer by Fling is also gluten-free. However, we are not entirely certain how many calories there are per can. The cans also do not list the total number of carbs or sugar either. The branding is fun and different, featuring Mexico-inspired illustrations and bright, vibrant colors.

A Nice Option for Margarita Lovers

As the name implies, the Fiesta y Siesta Margarita is a versatile beverage that is great for parties as well as relaxing after a long day. This canned cocktail is perfect for margarita lovers who want authentic margarita vibes. In short, this is a fun beverage that is ideal for margarita lovers who desire a lime and salt combination. The 9% alcohol may be a bit heavy for some drinkers. However, if you do not mind a stronger alcohol content, then this may not be an issue for you. This is a nice option for drinking at home, although you should be careful not to drink too much as it has a strong punch. These canned cocktails are great poured out of the can and in a glass due to their margarita taste and pale lime color. Overall, it is a nice drink that we recommend for margarita lovers who like the combination of lime and salt.

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