New Mighty Swell Techniflavor Pack

Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzer Techniflavor Pack

Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzer Techniflavor Pack

For those unfamiliar with Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzer, the hard seltzer producer is an up-and-coming brand that’s famous for its wild, whacky, and delicious drinks. Mighty Swell is a fan-favorite, winning multiple awards and even gaining its own local holiday in Austin, Texas. Last year, the brand released its Keep it Weird Pack, a tribute to Austin, the city the brand is based in. The pack contained four original flavors with unique inspirations. Well, Mighty Swell is at it again with a brand-new pack of whacky and weird flavors. Last November, Mighty Swell announced that it would be coming out with a brand-new Techniflavor Pack in 2023.

“From the producers that dared to Keep it Weird, Mighty Swell presents: The Techniflavor Pack,” the brand writes on its pack image, “… streaming in four highly delicious (HD) flavors. Starring Bluepeary, an unlikely sweet and tart duo, Cantaloupe, a fizztastical fruit smash, Dragon, a saga for your taste buds, and Kiwidew, an unforgettable flavor meet–cute. Tune in for less static and more flavor.”

Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzer’s Unique Take on Flavor Creation

Many brands find their flavor inspiration from popular cocktails or sodas. However, Mighty Swell has its own approach to flavor creation. In a Seltzer Nation interview with the VP of Operations of Mighty Swell, Andrew Pieri, Pieri stated that Mighty Swell created its flavor Rocket Pop inspired by the “billionaires in space” race. On top of that, the brand chose the flavors based on the nostalgic red, white, and blue popsicles we ate as kids. The flavor Purple Magic, Pieri went on to say, was based on what Mighty Swell imagined the color purple tastes like.

Mighty Swell clearly took a different (and yet comparably unique) approach to creating the flavors for its Techniflavor Pack. The pack features single flavors and two-flavor pairings. The first flavor, Bluepeary, is a mix of blueberry and pear. The second flavor in the pack is Cantaloupe Spiked Seltzer. The brand promises Cantaloupe is “the most amazing, fabulous, sensational can of seltzer in the whole world, and the golden ingredient is all-natural, juicy melon.” The third flavor is Dragon, which features guava and “fierce” dragon fruit. Last is Kiwidew, a combination of kiwi and honeydew. The brand quips, “This meet-cute is sure to end in “I dew!”

The Details

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The Mighty Swell Techniflavor Pack will be released online and in retail stores in the first quarter of 2023. Unfortunately, Mighty Swell is not a nationally distributed brand (see the map of states with distribution). However, its distribution is growing quickly. The Techniflavor Pack is a flavor-variety 12-pack. All four of the flavors contain 100 calories and 3 grams of carbs per can. Like all of Mighty Swell’s flavors, these hard seltzers have an alcohol content of 5% ABV. Learn more at Mighty Swell’s new microsite

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