Natural Light Seltzer Review: Strawberry Kiwi

Natural Light Strawberry Kiwi

Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 133

Carbs: 4g

ABV: 6%

Natural Light Strawberry KiwiNatural Light Strawberry Kiwi Makes a Classic Combination Even Better

Strawberry kiwi is a classic combination. From juice to alcohol, when these two berries get together in a drink, it always makes for an excellent beverage. This is a particularly refreshing combination when relaxing outdoors on a hot day. Whether you are taking a trip to the pool with the family or a beach trip with friends, strawberry kiwi beverages are certain to be a huge success. This classic berry combination is what we find intriguing about Natural Light Strawberry Kiwi. So, we decided to try it for ourselves and see if it is as enjoyable as it sounds. Below is our complete review of this hard seltzer.

Delicious Summer Strawberry Flavor with a Hint of Kiwi

Natural Light Strawberry Kiwi Hard Seltzer tastes like summer strawberries right at the beginning of strawberry picking season. We enjoyed everything about this hard seltzer. This includes the aroma as well as the flavor. The flavor is largely dominated by the strawberry flavor, but there is also a hint of kiwi. Overall, the strawberry taste is the most noticeable (and delicious). For some, the kiwi may not provide the level of flavor that is desired as it is more on the subtle side. The strawberry, which offers a sweeter flavor, is paired nicely with the tart taste of the kiwi. If you enjoy tart flavors, then the kiwi is a great addition. However, it may not be for everyone. It is also boozier than the average hard seltzer with an alcohol content of 6% ABV. You can feel the alcohol as well. Consequently, we recommend this more for drinkers who have a higher alcohol tolerance and less for those who prefer lighter hard seltzers.

A Stronger Hard Seltzer With 6% ABV

As mentioned, the alcohol is stronger with Natural Light Strawberry Kiwi than it is with most other hard seltzers. It contains 6% alcohol by volume, and you seemingly experience every bit of it. We recommend it for those who do not mind stronger hard seltzer beverages. There is also a higher calorie count with 133 calories. There are, however, less than 2 grams of sugar per can and only 4 grams of carbs in total. This hard seltzer by Natural Light is not gluten-free. The branding is also nice. The cans feature a white, dark pink, and neon green color combination. It is full of life with its branding as well as its taste.

A Vibrant Outdoor Hard Seltzer with Excellent Berry Flavor

Natural Light Strawberry Kiwi is a great option for adults who love the strawberry flavor and do not mind a heavier hard seltzer. The kiwi flavor is subtle. However, the flavor that is there is nice and full of life. This drink also has an excellent level of carbonation. As mentioned, the kiwi is a nice complement to the strawberry flavor. Due to the nice strawberry aroma and color, it is never a bad idea to pour it into a glass and recycle the can. Overall, we enjoyed this flavor and recommend giving it a try at least once.

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