PRESS Hard Seltzer Review: Lingonberry Elderflower

PRESS Lingonberry Elderberry Featured

Rating: 91 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 7g

ABV: 4%

PRESS Lingonberry ElderberryPRESS Lingonberry Elderflower Hard Seltzer Offers a Unique Combination of Flavors

PRESS Hard Seltzer created a Lingonberry Elderflower flavor that promises a tart berry and sweet floral taste experience.  Elderflower, which is often discussed in terms of its dietary benefits, also has excellent flavor. It pairs perfectly with lingonberry, a berry that is native to the boreal forest and arctic tundra and offers a tart and slightly sweet flavor. Berry-flavored hard seltzers rarely disappoint. The unique combination of flavors featured in this hard seltzer drew our attention, and we had to give it a try. Below is a complete review of this flavor by PRESS Hard Seltzer. Overall, our Seltzer Nation reviewers enjoyed this hard seltzer and recommend it to those who like less alcohol and more flavor.

A Delicious and Unique Flavor Combination

The flavor of PRESS Lingonberry Elderflower Hard Seltzer is deep, strong, and unique. It can best be described as a sweet taste that is crisp and fresh. The fresh flavor is surprisingly similar to Fruit Stripe gum. There isn’t an aftertaste, despite how strong the initial flavor is with each sip. Additionally, we detect a subtle yet very nice floral scent. The scent has hints of berry as well. This means it smells natural and fresh, which we enjoyed. We also found the carbonation to be excellent as well. It offers an authentic hard seltzer experience and is a great choice for hard seltzer enthusiasts who love berry and floral flavor combinations.

A Malt-Based Hard Seltzer With Excellent Carbonation

The PRESS Lingonberry Elderflower hard seltzer is made with a malt base, citric acid, and fructose (gluten removed). PRESS has stated that this is a malt beverage. This means that it has been fermented from malted barley. Although the gluten is removed from the fructose, this hard seltzer is not considered to be gluten-free. There are 110 calories in total. Additionally, there are 7 grams of carbs and 5 grams of sugar. The alcohol content is relatively low at 4% ABV. It is also a great hard seltzer to pour out of the can and into a cold glass. This is because of the excellent bubbles from the carbonation.

A Light and Flavorful Seltzer for Berry Lovers

If you love berries and hard seltzer, then you are going to love the PRESS Lingonberry Elderflower. It is a light option with only 4% ABV that is perfect for casual drinkers who enjoy a delicious flavor more than anything. It is a sophisticated flavor that you are not going to get with more common hard seltzer combinations. Subsequently, this is also a great choice if you enjoy new combinations and want something that is truly unique. We also enjoyed that the liquid pours out clear. Due to this, we recommend using a glass instead of a can. With that said, we also liked the nice branding on the PRESS cans, and they are great for drinking straight out of the can after a long day when you simply want to unwind.

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