Molson Coors Releases Roxie, a Zero-Proof Canned Cocktail

Molson Coors Releases Roxie, a Zero-Proof Canned Cocktail

The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Many people don’t understand the appeal of a zero-proof cocktail. Others, however, celebrate when these types of drinks hit the market. Non-alcoholic cocktails have the taste, feel, and look of cocktails but none of the alcohol. These drinks give those who would prefer to cut down on their alcohol intake (or stop altogether) the opportunity to enjoy cocktails without the health concerns that go hand in hand with alcohol consumption. It’s an opportunity for those who are short or long-term nondrinkers to join the party and enjoy cocktail flavors. This explains why, according to research group IWSR, the non-alcoholic beverage category (drinks with an ABV of .5% or below) is rapidly growing in popularity, especially among younger drinkers. Responding to this surge in popularity, Molson Coors just announced the release of its brand new non-alcoholic canned cocktail brand, Roxie.

“Roxie is for those who want to moderate their drinking, abstain or simply sip on something fantastic.” Jamie Wideman, Molson Coors’ vice president of innovation, explains in a January 10th press release, “Roxie drinkers can feel like they belong at the party while drinking something complex and delicious out of the can, on the rocks or dressed up with their favorite garnish.”

Roxie, the Brand New Zero-Proof Canned Cocktail

Roxie comes in three flavors. The first flavor is Lost In The Mango, which the brand describes as “sweet mango with rich and aromatic flavors.” The second flavor is Forbidden Pineapple, described as “tangy pineapple tinged with tropical tones.” Last is the flavor Ripe With Passionfruit. This, the brand describes as “tart passionfruit with a hint of botanicals.” Molson Coors consulted bartenders and mixologists to get these flavors to taste like genuine craft cocktails. “We wanted to provide an experience that felt very much like you were having a real cocktail, just without the booze,” Wideman adds in an article on the Molson Coors Beyond Beer website. Unlike many non-alcoholic beers that can contain up to 0.5% ABV, Roxie contains zero alcohol.

The Details

For the time being, Molson Coors is only selling Roxie online at The Molson Coors Beyond Beer article explains this decision as an attempt to communicate with consumers directly online. Wideman says, “Using online and social platforms allows us to hear consumer feedback and innovate off that feedback quickly.” The zero-proof canned cocktails come in single flavor four packs (retailing for $18) or multi-flavor 12-packs (retailing for $43). The good news is that Roxie ships to all 50 states, and orders over $35 ship for free. Roxie is gluten-free and contains only 90 calories per 12 oz can. Excited? Well, we have more good news. Molson Coors is planning to launch another non-alcoholic option early this year called Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%. Will these canned cocktails break new sales records and hit shelves nationwide? Only time will tell.

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