Truly Hard Seltzer: Mango Lemonade


Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 5%

Truly Mango Lemonade

Truly Mango Lemonade Offers an Intriguing Pairing

The combination of mango and lemonade simply sounds refreshing. Mango is sweet and tropical, whereas lemonade is tart and refreshing. The fresh and fruity taste of mango paired with the tart taste of lemons simply sounds too good to be true. Truly creates this experience with its Mango Lemonade Hard Seltzer. Hearing about this incredible pairing made us decide to test Truly Mango Lemonade. Although it did not entirely blow us away with its flavor, we found it to be a nice option for hot days. You can read our full review below.

A Nice Balance Between Mango and Lemonade

Truly Mango Lemonade is a tropical-tasting hard seltzer. As soon as you open this hard seltzer, you smell mango. The tropical scent of mango adds to the experience with every sip you take. The mango flavor is strong and delicious. It is followed by a lemonade taste that offers a nice aftertaste. If you are not at the beach relaxing in a lounge chair, then as soon as you drink this hard seltzer, you will at least feel as if you are. Overall, the combination makes for an excellent combination that we enjoy. Truly does a good job balancing the flavors. Truly Mango Lemonade also features a good level of carbonation. If you pour this drink into a glass, you can see the bubbles streaming up toward the surface of the liquid. We find the fizz enhances the lemon flavor and gives it more of a soft drink vibe rather than a traditional lemonade.

A Light Choice with Only 100 Calories

Truly Hard Seltzer makes its Mango Lemonade with cane sugar, stevia, and lemon juice concentrate. Like the majority of Truly products, this hard seltzer contains 100 calories. There is also only 1 gram of sugar and 3 grams of carbohydrates. It is free of gluten, which is nice for those who limit or avoid gluten. You can’t taste the alcohol, but there is a kick. The alcohol content is 5% ABV. There is a light yellow color that you would expect when you mix lemonade and mango together. It gives it a natural appearance and makes it great for ditching the can and pouring it over a glass of ice.

A Nice Hard Seltzer for Outdoor Drinking

Truly Mango Lemonade is an intriguing choice anytime you decide to drink outdoors. It is sweet, refreshing, and tropical. The light alcohol also makes it ideal if you plan to drink poolside or at the beach during the day. However, the alcohol can sneak up on you if you drink too much. Overall, if you love sweeter lemonades, this hard seltzer will not disappoint. It may not be ideal for those who like lighter flavors. However, if you desire a simple choice that offers nice flavor, carbonation, and light alcohol, then this is one you will certainly want to add to your cooler the next time you drink outdoors.

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