Mas Agave Hard Seltzer Review: Lime

Mas Agave Lime

Rating: 85 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 6g

ABV: 4.5%

Mas Agave Lime

Mas Agave Lime Has Tequila Vibes

Imagine a warm summer night surrounded by friends and good music. You are sipping on a freshly made tequila-inspired hard seltzer. You can feel the cool can in your hand while soaking up the satisfying sounds of family and friends having a good time. The hard seltzer’s smooth and slightly tangy flavor completes a perfect night. This is the type of experience Mas Agave Lime Hard Seltzer strives to create. Mas Agave Lime is made with alcohol from blue agave (and cane sugar). Consequently, you can expect tequila vibes with this hard seltzer. We decided to try this hard seltzer and provide our thoughts in this review.

Straightforward Flavor

The first thing you notice about Mas Agave Lime Hard Seltzer is that it produces a strong lime-scented aroma. The fresh lime scent of this hard seltzer creates a nice vibe as soon as you open the can. As soon as you take your first sip, a strong and tangy lime flavor explodes in your mouth. The alcohol tastes similar to tequila. Of course, the tequila flavor makes sense as the alcohol is produced from blue agave. Overall, this seltzer provides a strong flavor experience and a natural taste. The straightforward flavor is exactly what we hoped it would be. If you decide to pour this hard seltzer into a glass, you’ll notice a yellow color to the liquid.

A Light Alcohol Experience in a 12-Ounce Can

The Mas Agave Lime is relatively light from an alcohol perspective, containing only 4.5% ABV. However, this is certainly enough for you to feel if you consume a 12-ounce can (or more). Although it is lighter in alcohol content, this hard seltzer is fairly heavy with sugar, carbs, and calories. There are six grams of carbohydrates, four grams of sugar, and 110 calories per each 12-ounce can. All cans are gluten-free. Mas Agave makes its Lime Hard Seltzer with alcohol from cane sugar and blue agave, along with apple, pear, and lime juice. Overall, it provides a natural flavor experience and a light alcohol experience, enhancing the fruit flavors more prominently.

A Tasty Hard Seltzer Option for Tequila and Lime Lovers

This is a nice option for tequila and lime lovers. We especially recommend trying the Mas Agave Lime if you enjoy a lighter hard seltzer, as there is only 4.5% alcohol by volume. As discussed, this is a heavier option in terms of carbs and sugar, but the flavor is still natural and largely driven by the lime juice and agave. The branding adds a nice vibe, and we really enjoyed the lime aroma that helps you relax. You can enjoy it straight from the can, but we recommend pouring it into a glass over ice due to the nice yellow color and the enticing aroma.

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