ELVTD Hard Seltzer Review: Cherry-Lime

ELVTD Hard Seltzer Cherry-Lime

Rating: 89 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 5%

ELVTD Hard Seltzer Cherry-LimeELVTD Hard Seltzer Cherry-Lime Tastes Natural

Cherry and lime pair well together. The sweet taste of cherry combined with the tart flavor of lime makes for an excellent flavor combination. Because of this, many popular hard seltzer brands utilize this flavor combination for their alcoholic drinks. Not all cherry lime hard seltzers are created equal, however. So, when we saw a Cherry Lime Hard Seltzer by ELVTD, it immediately caught our attention. ELVTD Hard Seltzer is an excellent craft seltzer option, providing a tasty and fresh experience that is great for winter as well as hot summer days. Although there are other cherry and lime hard seltzers out there, we were particularly intrigued by the fact that the flavors in this hard seltzer are natural and there is no added sugar or carbs. So, we gave it a try. This review highlights our experience with this fun, lively, and delicious hard seltzer by ELVTD. 

Sweet, Subtle, and Soft Flavor

ELVTD Hard Seltzer Cherry-Lime provides an excellent blend of flavors. The cherry and the lime are both prominent in this hard seltzer. Neither flavor is particularly dominant, and they complement each other in an excellent way. We also enjoyed the smooth aftertaste. Some cherry hard seltzers (particularly those that are more artificially flavored) leave a funky aftertaste. Instead, the aftertaste of this hard seltzer is just as excellent as the initial flavor. This hard seltzer also provides a sweet, subtle, and soft flavor. There is no sour taste. Lastly, the ingredients taste entirely natural (and they are). Overall, the flavor experience is natural and enjoyable. This drink is great for when you simply desire fresh flavor without sugar or other types of added sweeteners. 

Zero Sugar and Zero Carbs

ELVTD Hard Seltzer Cherry-Lime contains 100 calories per can. This hard seltzer by ELVTD is genuinely unique because there are no carbs (and no sugar). The flavoring is also natural, providing an authentic taste without sugar or artificial ingredients. For the alcohol content, this drink is at 5% alcohol-by-volume (ABV). This is, of course, enough to provide a boozy feeling if you drink too much, but it is not overpowering with moderate consumption for the average adult hard seltzer enthusiast. This is also considered a gluten-free option. ELVTD makes this hard seltzer with filtered carbonated water, alcohol from dextrose, and natural flavors. The carbonation is excellent as well. The great supply of bubbles gives this drink life.

A Delicious Option with Natural Cherry and Lime Flavors

ELVTD Hard Seltzer Cherry-Lime provides a delicious and natural flavor experience. This lively seltzer also provides a nice level of carbonation, which pairs with the juicy cherry and zesty lime. The simple branding gives it almost a beer vibe. Whether you are kicking back at a beach, enjoying a bonfire, or simply relaxing at home after a long workday, ELVTD provides an excellent partner that satisfies your taste buds. Overall, we recommend trying this one at least once, especially if you love the combination of cherry and lime flavors and desire a sugar-free (and carb-free) hard seltzer beverage. 

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