Introducing High Noon Tailgate Pack with Two New Flavors

High Noon Tailgate Pack

Introducing High Noon Tailgate Pack

High Noon Tailgate PackHigh Noon Sun Sips Hard Seltzer recently announced their release of the limited-edition High Noon Tailgate pack. This pack comes just in time for National Tailgating Day (September 3rd) and the NFL Season start date (September 8th). And, similar to their last limited-edition pack (the Poolside Pack in May 2022), High Noon is releasing this pack with two brand new flavors. The new flavors in the Tailgate Pack are Cranberry and Pear. The brand tells us its new pear flavor is tangy, zingy, and sweet with a “hint of apple.” The brand describes its Cranberry flavor as a “delicious red berry flavor with a delightful, cozy fall vibe.” If you love cranberries, then this is your next favorite hard seltzer. The two flavors join High Noon’s popular Black Cherry and Grapefruit flavors.

“High Noon is focused on elevating the hard seltzer category and encouraging fans to trade up their hard seltzer options and experiences,” Gallo’s VP of spirits Brandon Leib says in the brand’s August 24 press release. “The debut of the Tailgate Pack, along with the High Noon Solar-Powered Cooler, is the perfect way to kick off one of the best parts of fall and give our fans the most premium tailgate experience.”

High Noon Sun Sips

High Noon has long been one of the top-selling Hard Seltzer Brands, and it has seen a recent popularity surge with the rise of the ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail market. This is likely due to the fact that by selling a spirits-based product, vodka sodas, High Noon straddles both the hard seltzer and RTD markets. The vast majority of Hard Seltzer brands offer malt-based products. High Noon, however, came out in 2019 as the only Hard Seltzer brand made with real vodka.

High Noon came from winemakers E & J Gallo, and the brand was released just as the hard seltzer market was heating up. Not only did the brand ride the hard seltzer craze to become the third most popular hard seltzer brand in the US, but their versatility helped them also ride the RTD wave as well to a larger market share. They are currently the top-selling RTD brand on the market, and the brand sees new growth potential.

In an interview with Shaken News Daily, Britt West, vice president and general manager of Spirit of Gallo, said, “If we meet our projections this year, High Noon will be the largest spirits brand in the industry. A minimum of 10% of every category in beverage alcohol is premium. We’ve not yet achieved 10% premium in hard seltzer, and from that we see that there’s still enormous upside potential for the brand. We’re still very bullish on it, and we see a lot of consumers trading up in hard seltzer. That’s what will continue to fuel momentum on High Noon.”

The Details

High Noon CoolerHigh Noon Sun Sips Tailgate Pack is a flavor variety 8-pack. It is available now nationwide, retailing at $19.99. All of the flavors have 4.5% alcohol-by-volume (ABV), 100 calories, no gluten, and no added sugar. High Noon’s ingredients are, as always, real vodka and real fruit juice. Along with the release of this limited-edition pack, the brand is holding a giveaway for a High Noon Tailgate Cooler. The cooler is powered by the sun, meaning no ice necessary. To enter, you must visit the brand’s Instagram post and follow the instructions on the post.

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