High Noon Pool Pack: Everything You Need to Know

High Noon Pool Pack

Limited-Edition High Noon Pool Pack

The summer season is upon us, and hard seltzer and canned cocktail brands are bringing out their best. Among a wave of new releases, the #1 spirits-based hard seltzer brand, High Noon, released their Pool Pack. The Pool Pack comes in flavor variety 8-packs that are available nationwide for a limited time. High Noon Pool Pack contains two new flavors in this summer release, Kiwi and Guava. Along with the new flavors, they’ve included “fan-favorite” flavors Lime and Peach. The brand chose lime and peach due to their rampant popularity with consumers. You can read our flavor reviews of High Noon Sun Sips Lime and Peach on Seltzer Nation. We were lucky enough to taste Kiwi and Guava as well, and we’ll tell you all about them.

High Noon Sun Sips Kiwi and Guava

High Noon Pool PackWhen you pour High Noon Sun Sips Kiwi over ice, a lovely, sweet aroma rises from the glass. It smells like cherries and green apples. The drink has a pale yellow color that is reminiscent of a cocktail at a bar. The flavor is tart and sweet, while at the same time, the kiwi flavor is strong and authentic. We highly recommend this kiwi flavor. And we can’t forget the brand new Guava flavor, which is just as sweet. Both of these flavors have strong carbonation. High Noon Sun Sips Guava is also a delicious choice. When you pour this vodka seltzer over ice, the aroma that rises from the liquid is decidedly tropical. Both of these flavors taste authentic likely due to the fact that these hard seltzers’ ingredients are simple and natural: vodka with real fruit juice, sparkling water, and natural flavors. These offerings have 100 calories, 0 grams of sugar, and 2.3 carbs. 

Hard Seltzer Trends

If you’re saying… Pool Pack? I’m having double vision; it’s not just you. We saw a Pool Pack release this month from the #2 brand in the hard seltzer category as well with the Truly Pool Party Pack. This is a trend we’ve seen in the past couple of years. A couple of times a year, alcohol brands release their seasonal packs. These packs often come out in themes. This year, we saw margaritas, cocktail-inspired deliciousness, pool packs, and premium alcohol brands getting into ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails. Whether the brands coordinate or not (and we’re thinking not), we often see similar releases from the movers and shakers in the hard seltzer and canned cocktail industry. How the flavors within these packs manifest, however, are often vastly different. For instance, Truly’s Pool Pack is cocktail inspired while High Noon Sun Sips is sticking to their tried and true recipe: vodka and fruit juice.

High Noon’s Rising Popularity

High Noon Sun Sips may call themselves a hard seltzer, but many retailers count them among canned cocktails. In fact, when online alcohol retailer Drizly shared their RTD cocktail insights for 2022, they rated High Noon as the top-selling canned cocktail. Due to its vodka base, High Noon has the versatility to have a foot in each category. Because of this, the brand has been referring to themselves as the top-selling spirits-based hard seltzer. They also encourage consumers to “trade up from their malt-based hard seltzer in favor of a premium, vodka-based option”. From this, it’s safe to conjecture that High Noon Sun Sips wants consumers to think of them as both a hard seltzer and a spirits-based option apart from the category. This may be due to the fact that market analysts are debating whether or not the hard seltzer category is slowing down. At the same time, all of the market analysts seem to agree that the RTD canned cocktail category is on the rise.

Limited Edition Pool Pack (Plus Swimwear!)

High Noon x Tropical Bros collection

Unfortunately, the High Noon Sun Sips Pool Pack will only be available for a limited time. How limited is that time? The brand simply says, “While supplies last.” Message delivered: don’t wait! And, on another fun note, High Noon isn’t just offering this limited-edition pool pack; they’ve also teamed up with the Tropical Bros clothing brand to create a line of Pool Pack inspired bathing suits. So, you can coordinate with your Sun Sips as you sip leisurely in the sunshine.

Another little bonus. Here’s another one of High Noon’s fantastic TV spots.

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