Delola Spritzes & Cocktails by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez introduces Delola Spritzes & Cocktails

J.LO Launches the House of Delola, LLC

Jennifer Lopez is famous for many things. She is a singer, dancer, actress, and entrepreneur. And now, as of April 2023, she’s also a mixologist. According to an April 4, 2023 press release, Jennifer Lopez has just launched an alcoholic beverage company named The House of Delola, and the brand name draws inspiration from the actress’ fun family nickname Delola, meaning “from Lola.” You heard that right. J.LO isn’t Jennifer Lopez’s only nickname. The actress has gained the nickname “Lola” among friends and family. However, they only call her this when she’s indulging her more “playful, carefree side.” While the actress is indulging her Lola side, she likes to travel to the Italian coast. There she enjoys spritzes and cocktails.

In 2020, Jennifer joined forces with leaders in the alcohol industry and the “World’s Best Bartender” Lynnette Marrero and began working on a concept for a spritz company with premium spirits, fruit, and botanical ingredients, free of additives and excessive amounts of sugar. Delola Spritzes & Cocktails are designed for “elegant, effortless entertaining” and come in three flavors.

In the press release, Jennifer Lopez stated, “I love entertaining and to relax and unwind with friends, but never found a drink that was right for me. I was in search of something that I could enjoy that fit the thoughtful way that I live my life. When I didn’t find it, I decided to create Delola. My goals were better ingredients, better taste, fewer calories than traditional cocktails, and one simple pour. Something easy, fun, fresh and delicious. I knew that if I was looking, others were too.”

Ready-to-Serve Cocktails in Three New Flavors

Jennifer Lopez introduces Delola

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Delola Ready to Serve Cocktails come in three flavors inspired by J.LO’s favorite drinks. Bella Berry Spritz is a vodka spritz featuring hibiscus and berries. The brand describes the drink as “a full-bodied cocktail with notes of red berries, hibiscus and citrus.”  Paloma Rosa Spritz is a tequila cocktail with grapefruit and elderflower. According to the brand, it is “an elevated Paloma with notes of ripe, luscious grapefruit, rich elderflower and a dash of salt.” L’Orange Spritz is an amaro spritz with orange and passionfruit. It is “an ode to the Italian spritzes with notes of bright, delicious fruit perfectly balanced with the bitterness of amaro.”

Everything We Know

Delola Spritzes and Cocktails launches in the “finest grocery and spirit stores, restaurants and bars in the United States” this month. Each drink has approximately 110 calories per 5-oz serving. The cocktails range from 10.5%-11.5% ABV. The drinks come in 12 and 25-oz bottles (approximate) and have a suggested retail price of $11.99 for the smaller bottle and $22.99 for the larger bottle. Each bottle has a “Delola Crest,” which is inspired by the city crest of the Bronx. The ready-to-serve cocktails will be distributed by Beam Suntory.

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