Cutwater Canned Cocktail Reviews: Piña Colada

Cutwater Piña Colada

Rating: 85 Points

Calories: 545

Carbs: 70g

ABV: 13%

Cutwater Piña ColadaCutwater Piña Colada Reminisces a Tropical Beach Holiday Vibe 

Sure, you’ve heard about the Piña Colada cocktail. The sweet, rum-based cocktail was so popular decades ago that it got its own national day. Legends have it that the cocktail was first created in the 19th century upon a ship to boost the crew’s morale. The recipe would later be lost until 1954, when the drink would be rediscovered in a luxury hotel bar for tourists looking for a taste of the Caribbean. Piña Coladas are back in vogue, with many drinkers keen to capture the tropical beach holiday vibe that the drink delivers. Big seltzer brands know what this drink means to people, and they’re packaging it in attractive ready-to-drink (RTD) cans. Imagine our excitement when we found Cutwater Spirits Piña Colada, a canned cocktail that efficiently blends rum with Piña Colada to give drinkers a refreshing drink. If you love the retro cocktail, this piña colada-inspired cocktail is for you.

Creamy and Invigorating

One of the most obvious features of Cutwater Spirits Piña Colada is its creamy look. But that’s not all there is to it. The moment you take your first sip, rich tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut greet you. It’s very sweet, just like you’ll expect a piña colada cocktail. But there are times it tasted like chalk. If you’re a fan of creamy, milky cocktails, this one’s for you. The pineapple flavor is authentic, making the drink feel like you’re sometimes biting from a ripe pineapple fruit. The taste is slightly inconsistent at some point, but you’ll enjoy each note it hits. The rum RTD has the taste and aroma to impress guests, so whether you choose to drink alone or invite friends, this drink gives you a great cocktail experience.

A Crowd Pleaser

Cutwater Spirits Piña Colada is truly a crowd pleaser. Its delicious taste makes it a party-goer’s favorite. Apart from its sweet taste, a terrific tropical aroma attracts people who have never tasted it. Cutwater Spirits makes this Piña Colada with 2+ shots of cutwater Bali hai rum, coconut cream liqueur, and natural pineapple flavors. The rum in it makes it an exciting party starter. However, you must be careful of the alcohol content. A 13% ABV is much stronger than your average RTD. It’s also high in calories and carbs, so it’ll be great to warn your guests about these things before they start drinking. The taste is unique but pleasing, and it urges you to continue drinking. But you should also be careful not to overindulge because the 545 calorie content, 70 grams of carbs, and 32 grams of sugar content may be too much for you.

A Trip to The Tropics

Just like a piña colada cocktail from the bar, Cutwater Spirits Piña Colada takes you on an imaginary trip to the tropics. The scents and flavors you’ll experience when you open this seltzer will make you fall in love. You can easily detect its pineapple flavor, adding another layer of sweetness to the overall taste profile. The drink is so strong that you could pour it over ice to make it last longer. Whether you choose to drink it chilled or not, you’ll enjoy every bit of this canned cocktail. Don’t take our words for it – grab one on your next visit to the liquor store and test it yourself.

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