Corona Refresca Hard Seltzer Review: Guava Lime

Corona Refresca Guava Lime

Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 187

Carbs: 23.6g

ABV: 4.5%

Corona Refresca Guava LimeCorona Refresca Guava Lime is a Can of Malty Goodness for Everyone

Compared to more staple fruits like berries and apples, the guava is surprisingly overlooked. Therefore, it’s unsurprising how difficult it is to find guavas in mainstream grocery stores. But that shouldn’t be the case. Guava’s rich history and unique taste should make them a staple in every fruit purchase. Guava is an incredibly delicious and nutritious tropical fruit. Its low-calorie content and fiber overload make it an excellent addition to any meal. The fruit, widely believed to originate from Central America, has all the qualities to deliver an enjoyable experience year-round. Even juice and seltzer brands are tapping into the guava’s unique goodness to produce drinks. If you’ve experienced guava juice in a fancy smoothie or cocktail, you’ll know that it’s an experience worth having. One alcoholic option that stands out for its ability to combine guava flavor with a hint of lime in one drink is Corona Refresca Guava Lime. We’ve been hearing so much about it recently, so we decided to test it.

A Guava Fans’ Favorite

Perhaps the most obvious feature of Corona Refresca Guava Lime is how it combines refreshing and vibrant natural guava and lime flavors into one drink. You’ll hardly tell the difference between both flavors in this drink. No wonder it has gradually become a favorite among guava cocktail lovers. Yes, it’s delicious, but the hint of lime gives it a tangy taste that balances it in your senses. It’s a beautiful party starter, but most importantly, it provides refreshment to every drinker, irrespective of drinking circumstances or time. So whether you’re resting alone on a Sunday afternoon after brunch or out there partying hard with friends, this drink offers the perfect company to get you going. 

Taste the Tropical

Like guava fruits, Corona Refresca Guava Lime offers a sweet aroma that invites you to take your first sip. And from the moment you take your first sip, it sticks. It takes a lot of effort not to get addicted to the delicious taste of this drink. Its pretty pink color in a glass makes it the perfect drink for a romantic date with your significant other. When tempted to drink more than a few cans, remember that each can contains 187 calories and 23.6 carbs. So we recommend that you go easy if those things are a concern to you. It’s also not gluten-free. However, apart from that, you’ll enjoy the malty taste of this seltzer. 

An Underrated Party’s Favorite

Bring Corona Refresca Guava Lime out during a party, and you’ll be surprised by how it brightens every face. At a 4.5% ABV, the alcohol content is not as strong as most other hard seltzers, so you don’t need to worry too much about annoying hangovers. The alcohol content in this one may be low, but it still has the right qualities to turn up any party. Corona Refresca makes this Guava Lime hard seltzer with imported malt beverage, natural flavors, and certified colors. Everything about the drink, from its delicious taste to its sweet aroma, comes in the perfect quality. Best served chilled for a refreshing experience.

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