White Claw Hard Seltzer Review: Iced Tea Mango

White Claw Iced Tea Mango

Rating: 83 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 5%

White Claw Iced Tea MangoWhite Claw Iced Tea Mango is a Delightful Tea Experience for Mango Lovers

Tea is one of the most famous and widely consumed beverages around the world. There’s a good reason for this. Its soothing and refreshing taste can turn even the most stressful day into a relaxing one. Thanks to its popularity, we can now find iced tea in most restaurants across the USA. Whether it’s with sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners, or no sweetener, iced tea is a beverage staple. The fact that iced tea fits in well with the landscape of our lives gives the beverage an endearing quality. Today, even the big guns in the hard seltzer industry are trying out iced tea-inspired seltzers. One of such hard seltzers that comes to mind is White Claw Iced Tea Mango. We recently tested it, and here’s our verdict.

Exciting Fruit + Tea Blend 

We all know that fruit and tea amplify each other when they combine on a palate, adding depth from start to finish. This exciting combination is exactly what White Claw Iced Tea Mango brings. The seltzer successfully delivers the tried and true flavor combo of mango and iced tea, with notes of the former shining. The aroma leads with a sweet mango scent. Although some people believe that the tea comes through to make it an odd combo, it still has everything to light up your party. It’s not as addictive as most other iced tea-inspired seltzer, but you’ll still be attracted to it from the start. Perhaps, it’s the sweet mango aroma that draws people to it. Its peculiar flavor is another thing to note about the seltzer, although it may get tiring when you drink too much. Still, it’s worth tasting for yourself.

Light and Refreshing

One of the most significant features of the White Claw Iced Tea Mango seltzer is its ability to stick to the same ABV levels as the average White Claw Hard Seltzer (5% ABV). This makes it a refreshingly smooth, fun drink infused with a dash of mango flavor to give it a personality. It’s not a loud seltzer, but it can still serve as an excellent addition to any party. Whether you’re out there having fun with friends or choose to enjoy a solitary time indoors, you can always find a companion in this seltzer. The calories and carbs content is also relatively low, so there won’t be any cause to worry if you care about these things. Just enjoy the iced tea feel that this drink brings, sip after sip.

Mango Fans Delight

White Claw Iced Tea Mango may not be the best seltzer out there, but its clean and authentic taste is something to enjoy. The taste, peculiar flavor, and sweet mango aroma make it an exciting choice for mango lovers. However, you may not like this one if you’re not a mango fan. But since most of us love mango, we enjoyed the experience of testing this one. Remember to serve chilled for the best drinking experience.

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