Corona Comes out with New Seltzeritas!

Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzeritas

Corona Introduces New Product Seltzeritas

Spring Break fast approaches and with it a slew of great news for hard seltzer lovers. People are shedding their winter coats and booking their tickets to sunny beaches. Parents and students agree on one thing: it’s time to take a break in the sunshine! And, what better drink to sip while lounging on the beach than a low-cal, guilt free hard seltzer? Thus, the biggest hard seltzer brands out there are competing for your beach-sipping time. White Claw recently announced White Claw Surf, their first ever full-flavor line of hard seltzers. Truly announced Truly Margaritas and Truly Flavored Vodka. And, not to be outdone, Corona Seltzer announced in a press release last Friday that they are releasing a new line of margarita-inspired hard seltzers. Not only that, Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzeritas are already available nationwide.

Celebrating Corona’s Mexican Heritage

Corona may be a Spring Break favorite in the United States, but they’re not from here. Corona brews their beers and hard seltzers in Mexico and imports them to the United States. Their beers have been produced since the twenties within Mexico, but they were only introduced in the United States in the early 1980s. Once introduced, however, Corona was the quickest rising imported beer on the US Market. Decades later, Corona hit the hard seltzer market hot with Corona Seltzer. The incredible thing was that they had a relatively low marketing budget, but within the year, they were fourth in the market. In 2021, Corona Seltzer’s parent company called their hard seltzer launch, “…the most successful new product launch in company history.”

With Corona Seltzeritas, however, the company wants to go back to their country of origin and celebrate Mexican heritage. The company chose their flavors based on classic margarita flavors, including strawberry, peach, mango, and classic lime. Corona makes all of their Seltzeritas with real Mexican lime juice, agave, and cane sugar. Ryan Anderson, Director of Corona’s Brand Marketing said, “We’re excited to provide our fans with an innovative product that fuses the traditional flavors of a classic margarita with a refreshing Corona perspective. Seltzerita speaks to our exceptionally bold and authentic heritage, inspiring drinkers of Corona to live La Vida Más Fina wherever they may be.”

Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzeritas are Available Nationwide

One thing is for sure — this Spring Break is going to be a flavorfest. And luckily, Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzeritas are available in 12 oz variety twelve packs with all four flavors. If you want to celebrate this Spring Break with a margarita without breaking your carb counter, this is a great alternative. Seltzeritas have just four carbs. If you compare that to a standard strawberry margarita with upwards of twenty carbs, 4 is definitely a great alternative. You won’t have to make any sacrifices on the alcohol content either as these drinks come in with a high-average 6% abv. Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzeritas are made from fermented sugar (not tequila). Each beverage has 130 calories and 2 to 3 grams of sugar (depending on the flavor).

Whatever your plans are for this Spring Break, you can now enjoy a huge assortment of exciting new flavors.


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