Coors Seltzer Review: Black Cherry

Coors Black Cherry Hard Seltzer

Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 4.5%

Bubbles And Great Flavor Are The Stars of Coors Black Cherry Hard Seltzer

Coors Black Cherry Hard Seltzer— Black cherries supply one of the world’s finest fruit flavors. Picture the ripe fruit weighing down the tree branches where they grow. They’re just waiting for someone to pick them and eat them. Fresh black cherries have a sweet yet tart flavor that can instantly transport you to the memory of a summer afternoon. Laughing as you picked and ate cherries with your friends. Recall as each cherry packed a delightful and delectable mix of sultry flavors. From black cherry candy to black cherry ice cream to black forest cake. Black cherry flavored delicacies are all the rage. And Coors Black Cherry Hard Seltzer does an ideal job capturing the themes of black cherry flavor and converting them to the spiked beverage market.

Authentic Black Cherry Flavor

The popularity of black cherry foods and beverages has increased as the authenticity of cherry flavor has grown. When you open a can of Coors Black Cherry Hard Seltzer you will be immediately tempted by the bright authentic flavor. Following that with your first sip, and you’ll swear you just ate a helping of real black cherries. The taste is remarkably authentic, reminding you of fresh Bing cherries. The one complaint on flavor relates to carbonation. Coors has overdone the bubbles to a degree with this one. The plentiful carbonation takes away from the flavor slightly. Further, the high carbonation factor will have you burping up black cherry flavor long after you finish your beverage.

Coors Black Cherry Hard Seltzer is Low in Calories

Although you would not classify a hard seltzer as “health food”, this spiked seltzer finds a nice way of combining flavor without a lot of calories. This particular Coors Seltzer offering has just 90 calories per serving – less than many soft drinks and other alcoholic beverages. It packs a nice punch with 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). You’ll definitely feel the effects after a few. The hard seltzer offers just 2 grams of total carbs and 2 grams of total sugars – not very much compared to some other beverages. Best of all, this black cherry seltzer is 100% gluten free. That means you can enjoy a few of these tasty black cherry beverages per outing without risk of adding to your midsection.

An Overall Tasty Treat

If you do not already have a favorite black cherry flavored spiked seltzer, you may find one in Coors’ new offering. Coors Black Cherry Hard Seltzer is a highly bubbly treat with a very unique and succulent taste. When you drink one of these hard seltzers, you will instantly recognize the taste of real Bing cherries. While the carbonation may be a little too strong for some, others will find the overabundant bubbles a delightful characteristic of this hard sparkling water. The drink is low on calories, carbs, and sugars, so feel free to have a few. The 4.5% ABV will help time fly by as you indulge alone or with friends. Make sure you drink your Coors black cherry beverage cold, it’s the perfect temperature for a taste bud trip down memory lane.


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