Funky Buddha Hard Seltzer Review: Juicy Blood Orange

Funky Buddha Juicy Blood Orange Hard Seltzer

Rating: 94 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 4.5%

Funky Buddha Juicy Blood Orange Delivers a Complete Orange Experience

Funky Buddha Juicy Blood Orange Hard Seltzer— Try saying Funky Buddha Juicy Blood Orange Hard Seltzer a couple of times. It’s a mouthful for sure. But instead of twisting your tongue with its name, just sit back and let your taste buds savor this premium bubbly delight. This drink feels as mystical and exotic as its name. The taste is so perfect it seems like some magic had to have been at hand in its creation. This drink feels like a luxury item. It is exotic and indulgent with its fruity flavor and gorgeous effervescence. It is so drinkable that it feels like it would go well with brunch, cocktail hour, dinner or even a night cap. It’s mild without being a pushover and its flavor is very much a force to be reckoned with.

Smooth Operator

Funky Buddha Juicy Blood Orange Hard Seltzer is delicious with fantastic carbonation and makes you want to buy more. On first sip you actually think to yourself “that’s really good!” In fact, you might be saying that with every sip. It’s smooth to the tongue and all the orange flavor is as present in the first taste as the last. It’s also super light and is great to have with heavy holiday meals or at summertime barbecues. With zero sugar and only one gram of carbs, this gluten free nectar is a no brainer. It translates well from being the life of a pool party in the summer to fruity holiday drink in winter. It is a drink that demands no occasion and is as fantastic on a romantic date for two as it is at a large event.

Funky Buddha Juicy Blood Orange Hard Seltzer is Bloody Good

There are barely any blood orange spiked seltzers in the market let alone any good ones. And for fans of blood orange, it is an underserved market. But this Funky Buddha Premium Hard Seltzer gets it right. It has the familiar orange notes with a citrusy hint as well as the berry like elements that distinguish the blood orange from an ordinary orange. Fans of blood orange will taste the authenticity of the flavor and people who have never really tasted the fruit will merely appreciate the drink for its incredible deliciousness. It is succulent and creamy all at once and almost reminiscent of a boozy orange creamsicle. But a grown-up version of course. The 4.5% ABV has a gentle buzz that relaxes and is mild enough for you to enjoy more than one of these juicy delights.

Blood Orange is Back in Town

Funky Buddha isn’t a new name in the alcohol beverage market. It’s been known for making innovative beer flavors and won many awards. But this Florida based brewery has now expanded into premium hard seltzers and have hit a home run with their Juicy Blood Orange flavor. It’s perhaps the only real blood orange hard sparkling water around and a darn good one at that. The flavor profile is so light and refreshing that you could drink it all day long. It has everything that you would want in a spiked seltzer. It has a great flavor profile, fabulous aroma, low alcohol content and no sugar. From its brightly colored can to its tantalizing bubbles, this drink is pure pleasure and we’re happy to have it back.

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