Voktail Craft Vodka Cocktails Review: Lavender Refresher

Voktail Craft Vodka Cocktails Lavender Refresher

Rating: 90 Points


Carbs: g

ABV: 7%

Voktail Craft Vodka Cocktails Lavender Refresher

Voktail Craft Vodka Cocktails Lavender Refresher is Light and Refreshing

When we think of lavender, the first thing that comes to mind is fields of fragrant, purple blooms waving in the wind. Lavender is a flower famous for its aromatic scent. It’s a scent that calms and soothes. It’s common in lotions and perfumes. Along with its scent, lavender is famous for its culinary qualities. It’s associated with fine dining and gourmet meals. One use for this remarkable flower that’s been growing in popularity is in cocktails. Lavender cocktails have a special appeal, not only because they are so refined and gourmet but also because lavender has a strong and distinctive taste that complements both vodka and gin. When Voktail Craft Vodka Cocktails released a lavender-infused canned cocktail named Lavender Refresher, we simply had to test it. Here are our findings.

Unique Flavor

The first thing you notice when you pour a Voktail Craft Vodka Cocktails Lavender Refresher over ice is the beautiful light purple (lavender) color of the liquid. It’s what you want to see when you’re sipping on a lavender cocktail. The second thing you notice is the carbonation. This canned cocktail has the perfect quantity of bubbles rising through the liquid to pop on the surface. The first sip is slightly sweet. It has a flavor similar to elderflower, another floral-tasting herb. That said, this canned cocktail is completely unique, straying from the much more common fruit flavored RTD cocktails. The flavor is light and refreshing. Don’t let that fool you, however, because the alcohol content is at 7% ABV, which is on the higher side for canned cocktails. This is a rare flavor that is delicious and fragrant.

Real Fruit Juice

Voktail Craft Vodka makes its Cocktails Lavender Refresher vodka with real fruit juice, carbonated water, cane sugar, natural flavors, and vegetable juice color. Unfortunately, the calorie, carb, and sugar content are unknown for these canned cocktails; however, these vodka canned cocktails are both gluten-free and vegan. While some factors may be unknown about these drinks, they are all-natural and delicious. These are great when paired with gourmet meals. Bring a cooler of cans with you to your next brunch with friends or dinner party and enjoy the sophisticated feel of this cocktail.

A Brunch Favorite

Lavender is a sophisticated taste that we often see in the world of cocktails but very rarely with RTD canned cocktails. Voktail took this unique flavor and created a delicious, light, and refreshing cocktail that we recommend. If you’re looking for a cocktail to serve at your next dinner party, then look no further than the Voktail Craft Vodka Cocktails Lavender Refresher. These drinks come in 4-packs of 12 oz cans. One can per guest may be enough, however, as these cocktails pack a punch. At an alcohol content of 7% ABV, these canned cocktails are comparable to bar cocktails. We recommend serving these drinks chilled or over ice.

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