Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan Rum

Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan Rum

Introducing Upcoming Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan and Vita Coco just commandeered the headlines. The two have joined forces to conquer the ready-to-drink (RTD) category, one canned cocktail at a time. Arrr! Industry leaders Diageo and The Vita Coco Company recently announced that they’ve teamed up to produce Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan. This isn’t Diageo’s first venture into RTDs and hard seltzers. Their company includes brands Cîroc, Ketel One vodka, and Smirnoff, which each have popular lines of canned offerings. However, this is the first offering with the Captain. Plus, this is joining a much rarer breed of canned cocktail: the rum RTD.

What We’ve Spied Through Our Spyglass

Not only do these new offerings promise to contain Captain Morgan Caribbean white rum and Vita Coco coconut water, but they also come in three mouth-watering flavors. The first flavor is Piña Colada, containing creamy coconut, ripe pineapple, and dark rum natural flavors. Second, we have Strawberry Daiquiri, which contains the natural flavors of strawberries, lime, and fruity rum. Last but not least is Lime Mojito, which contains the all-natural flavors of mint, lime, and simple syrup. Each of these offerings has an alcohol content of 5% ABV, which is on the lower side for ready-to-drink cocktails but average for hard seltzers and light beers.

Why did they choose these flavors? According to Diageo’s press release, “In the United States, beloved rum-based cocktails are growing at [sic][over two-hundred percent], with widely recognizable piña coladas, daiquiris, and mojitos leading as the most dynamic cocktail types [sic].” In more appropriate terms for the occasion, arrr! There be treasure in rum RTDs. Beyond that, coconut water is rising in popularity as a base for RTDs and Hard Seltzers. Brands that recently released products with a coconut water base include Michelob ULTRA and Coco Vodka.

However, according to the co-founder of Vita Coco, using coconut water as a base for cocktails is nothing new. “Consumers in tropical regions have been enjoying coconut water as a great-tasting, high quality mixer in their cocktails for generations,” said Mike Kirban, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of The Vita Coco Company. “Now that coconut water is becoming a household staple across the United States, we wanted to make creating a delicious cocktail a few steps easier. We’re so excited to partner with Diageo to offer some great, ready-to-drink options featuring the best of both worlds: Vita Coco and Captain Morgan.”

When the Captain will Conquer Your Port (or Local Liquor Store)

Are you pulling on your captain’s hat and boots as you read this? We have sad news. Don’t take out your eyepatch just yet (unless you need it for medical reasons). These delicious ready-to-drink canned cocktails won’t be released until early 2023. However, when they do release, they’ll be unstoppable. These flavors will be released nationwide, wherever ready-to-drink cocktails are sold. You can expect Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan’s Lime Mojito, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Daiquiri in 12 oz, tall can four-packs.

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  1. Cathy Michels 11 March, 2023 at 13:22 Reply

    About how many carbs are in the Vita Coco seltzers Spiked with Captn Morgan rum? I have looked on several websites and cannot find that info. Thank you!

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