VIDE Vodka Soda Review: Peach

VIDE Vodka Soda Peach

Rating: 84 Points

Calories: 99

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 1%

VIDE Vodka Soda PeachVIDE Vodka Soda Peach: A Peachy Undertone for a Casual Sip

Picture yourself in a serene peach orchard, gently plucking the ripest fruit for a refreshing beverage. You squeeze the fruit over a glass of vodka, and sweet nectar bursts out. Add a dash of seltzer, and you have the perfect sipper. Peaches are sweet, juicy, and distinctive. Because of this, the stone fruits have been gaining in popularity in the alcoholic beverage world. Peaches pair especially well with vodka. VIDE Vodka Soda Peach aims for a subtle peach experience. With peach-flavored vodka seltzers enjoying a moment in the spotlight, we decided to give this beverage a try. Here’s our take on this canned cocktail.

A Modest Peachy Waltz on the Palate

Upon opening a can of VIDE Vodka Soda Peach, you’re greeted by a mild peach aroma, setting the tone for what’s to come. The initial sip introduces you to a delicate peach flavor. It’s not overly sweet, providing a subdued taste of authentic peach, free from an overpowering artificial sweetness. The blend of vodka and carbonated water is well-balanced, yielding a pleasant vodka soda experience. The liquid is impeccably clear, adorned with fine bubbles that elegantly rise to the surface. It doesn’t assail your taste buds with excessive fizz, allowing you to savor the flavor at a comfortable pace. The subtle peach essence may appeal to those who prefer a milder fruit presence in their drinks.

Decoding the Contents: Ingredients and Nutritional Snapshot

VIDE makes its Peach Vodka Soda with 6x distilled vodka, carbonated water, and natural peach flavor. The result is a beverage boasting a 5% ABV, suitable for those seeking a moderate alcohol content. With a modest 99 calories, zero grams of total carbs, and no sugar, it aligns with the preferences of individuals looking for lighter, better-for-you drink options.

A Peachy Option for a Laid-Back Sip

VIDE Vodka Soda Peach falls in line with the peach-flavored vodka seltzer trend, delivering a mild and unassuming peach encounter without an overwhelming sweetness. If you’re a vodka soda enthusiast and appreciate a subtle fruit flavor, this canned cocktail should find its place on your drink roster. With straightforward ingredients and a balanced profile, it accommodates various settings, whether you’re relaxing at home or enjoying a casual day out, with enthusiasm that doesn’t hit soaring heights.

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