Update on Monster Nasty Beast Hardcore Tea

Monster Nasty Beast Hard Tea

Monster Nasty Beast Hardcore Tea

Monster Energy has a new treat in store for its 21 and over fans. After teasing the upcoming production of Nasty Beast Hardcore Tea in June, the brand officially debuted its product at the NACS Expo last week in Atlanta. Monster’s Hard Tea is a 6% ABV malt beverage with natural flavors and artificial sweeteners. The brand deems it “Tea with attitude.”

“The usual suspects were enjoying a few cold ones and decided to check out some hard iced tea from the competition,” the brand writes on its label. “Eventually, somebody commented, ‘This stuff is just plain nasty!’ Channeling Jack from Boogie Nights, someone else said ‘Good name!’ Just like that, the idea was born.

“Truth is, we’ve been making great tasting iced tea for over 25 years and have some great recipes stashed away. So we brewed some up, blended in our super clean alcohol, dialed in the flavor, and came up with a cool can design for our new baby. You be the judge. Crack open a can of our new Nasty Beast Hardcore Tea and you’ll see. It’s by far the best tasting hard tea out there. At 6 point “oh yeah” % alcohol, it’s smooth as silk, but still gets the job done. We’re no Dirk Diggler, but still pretty proud of what we got!

Everything We Know

Monster Nasty Beast Hardcore Tea is set to release in February 2024. The brand hopes to spread nationwide by Summer 2024.  Coming in at a 6% ABV and four flavors, the launch of Nasty Beast bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor The Beast Unleashed. Nasty Beast Hardcore Tea will be available in Original, Half and Half, Razel Berry, and Green Tea. We don’t know if these hard teas will have caffeine in them yet. What we do know is that Monster does not disclose caffeine on the labels. You can grab these hard teas in 24 oz. single-serve cans and 12 oz. slim can flavor variety 12-packs.

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