Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Raspberry Tea

Truly Raspberry Tea Hard Seltzer Featured

Rating: 91 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Truly Raspberry Tea Hard SeltzerTruly Raspberry Tea Hard Seltzer is Beach Blanket Worthy

Spring is in full swing over the nation, and the average temperature is rising. Warm weather and longer days means it’s time to break out our swim suits and trunks, pack up a cooler, and head to the beach. There’s nothing like the feel of the sand in your toes, the sun warming your skin, and a cold drink in your hand. A cooler full of drinks is a must-have for every beach day trip. It’s practically as essential as sun screen, flip flops, and a big jug of water. You lay out your blanket, maybe pitch a day tent, and lounge before the frothing surf. Then, it’s time to crack open a can. Two drinks that are beach-blanket worthy are iced tea, with its slight kick of caffeine, and hard seltzer. Truly had the fabulous idea of combining the two with Truly Raspberry Tea Hard Seltzer, potentially creating one of their most beach-blanket-worthy additions yet. Would Raspberry Tea Hard Seltzer live up to our hopes? We decided to find out.

 Smells Like Raspberries

As soon as we crack open a can of Truly Raspberry Tea Hard Seltzer, the aroma of raspberries permeates the room. Some of Truly’s Tea Hard Seltzers have a lower level of carbonation, but we don’t find this with their Raspberry Tea. Instead, as soon as we pour the drink over ice, the bubbles funnel up and gather around the ice cubes. We take our first sip, finding a familiar taste. Instead of a strong, astringent tea taste, this offering tastes more juice, like a Snapple or Arizona Iced Tea flavor. The raspberry flavor is strong and accurate. One thing we can’t taste is the alcohol. There’s no boozy flavor at all, making this drink one to approach cautiously. You might want to proceed with caution, but only because the flavor is so sweet, delicious, and juicy, without any of the boozy or astringent flavors that can come from alcohol and tea.

Stevia Sweetener

Truly Raspberry Tea Hard Seltzer is made with carbonated filtered water, alcohol, natural flavors, honey, black tea, and stevia sweetener. Due to the fact that this drink is sweetened with stevia, Raspberry Tea has 0 grams of added sugar. If you like iced tea with natural flavors and stevia, this is for you. Stevia is a natural alternative to sugar and some love it while others not so much. This beverage contains the distinct taste of its artificial sweetener. This didn’t bother us in the least, but we want to mention it as it might affect some people’s experience of the hard seltzer. At 5% abv, Raspberry Tea Hard Seltzer has an average alcohol by volume for hard seltzers. Be careful, though, we can’t taste the booze in this drink. It has 2 grams of cabs and 0 grams of sugar, making Truly Raspberry Tea the perfect drink for beach season. Along with low carbs and zero sugar, Truly Raspberry Tea is gluten free.

So, when you’re packing up your beach-blanket cooler, don’t forget Truly Raspberry Tea Hard Seltzer.


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