Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Fruit Punch

Truly Fruit Punch Hard Seltzer

Rating: 96 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 5%

Somebody Spiked the Punch Bowl

Truly Fruit Punch Hard Seltzer

Remember Kool-Aid? If your teenage years were anything like ours, your refrigerator was stocked with Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid was a simple product. We poured the colorful powder, mixed it with sugar and water, and voilà! We had one of the staples of our youth. There were many great flavors but the favorite of pool parties and after-school sport events was unquestionably fruit punch. Something about that mix of fruit flavors stood out above the other flavors. For a trip down memory lane, consider trying Truly Fruit Punch Hard Seltzer that blends fruit punch flavor with a kick of alcohol.

Low Calorie

When we first opened Truly Fruit Punch Hard Seltzer, we did not know what to expect. Would it smell subtle and sweet like Kool-Aid? Or, perhaps, could it smell of more robust fruits like Hawaiian Punch? Delightfully, it was both. This lively hard seltzer smells exactly like a combination of two childhood loves. With such an inviting aroma, it’s surprising that Truly Fruit Punch is a fairly low-calorie hard seltzer. Each can contains only 100 calories, 3 grams of total carbohydrates, and 1 gram of total sugars.

Truly Fruit Punch Hard Seltzer Gives Childhood Flavors an Adult Kick

Upon taking that first sip of Truly Fruit Punch Hard Seltzer, we were instantly transported through time to those yesteryears. The overall taste is like someone spiked the punch bowl at the high school dance. It tastes like fresh fruit on hot summer days. It also features the ideal level of carbonation – just enough to tickle your tongue. The delicious, spiked seltzer has a respectable 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), which is pretty standard for Truly. Truly makes this brew with filtered water, alcohol, natural flavors, cane sugar, and stevia sweetener. Thus, the hard seltzer is sweet, but not too sweet. Despite its fruit punch taste and scent, the elixir is clear. In fact, it tastes so much like Kool-Aid and Hawaiian Punch that if we didn’t know the beverage was clear, we would almost expected our tongues to turn red.

Perfect Sweetness

It’s safe to say that, in general, hard seltzer drinkers are attracted to lighter, less syrupy offerings, and Truly Fruit Punch Hard Seltzer provides just that. And yet, at the same time, Truly still delivers that youthful punch of fruit flavors. A cherry essence highlights the scrumptious medley of fruit. This drink is definitely for adults though as its 5% ABV gives an added kick to this delicious elixir. The combination of pure cane sugar and zero-calorie stevia makes it possible for this drink to be only 100 calories and yet still full of flavor. The drink is also gluten free. All in all, you can enjoy a few of these spiked seltzers without guilt. If you want to experience childhood favorite flavors with an adult kick, look no further than this fruity blend.

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