Day Chaser Canned Cocktail Review: Lime Vodka + Soda

Day Chaser Lime Vodka + Soda Canned Cocktail

Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 4.7%

Day Chaser Lime Vodka + Soda Canned CocktailDay Chaser Lime Vodka + Soda Canned Cocktail Brings a New Twist to a Classic Taste

Vodka and lime juice have a long history together. Arguably the most famous cocktail to feature these two ingredients is the vodka gimlet. Mixologists make the gimlet with vodka or gin; the drink in either form is now a favorite at bars and nightclubs. However, it likely originated as a mixture served to the British Royal Navy to prevent the sailors from getting scurvy. The story goes that the Gimlet was named after Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette who gave these soldiers their lime juice with their daily alcohol rations to blunt the taste of the sour lime. Instead, the sailors loved the “grog” so much that they earned the nickname “limeys”. Day Chaser brings these classic flavors together with a modern twist in their Lime Vodka + Soda Canned Cocktail.

Refreshing Lime Essence

A well-blended cocktail is the goal of every respectable bartender. The same applies to the mixologists who create canned cocktails. While every drinker is different, the most common taste preference for cocktails is a polite medley of spirits and mixers – neither too heavy nor too lenient on any one ingredient. The makers of Day Chaser Lime Vodka + Soda Canned Cocktail clearly had this goal in mind and they more than succeeded. Canned cocktail fans will be very enthusiastic about how balanced the vodka and lime juice are in this creation. It is not a “boozy” tasting beverage. Yes, the alcohol is present and accounted for, but not to such a degree that it overwhelms the palate. The natural lime juice used in the canned cocktail is also not overdone. Rather, you are treated to a very crisp, light, and refreshing level of lime essence. Another stand out feature is that it has a crisp, clean aroma.

Goes Down Easy

There will always be those who choose their canned cocktail based on which one has the highest alcohol content. At the other end of the spectrum are consumers who want the least amount of alcohol impact possible. Those who are just a little more conservative than average in what they prefer in a cocktail will feel right at home with a Day Chaser Lime Vodka + Soda Canned Cocktail in their hand. This tasty canned cocktail clocks in with a nice 4.7% alcohol by volume (ABV).  An ideal beverage for those looking for a canned cocktail that goes down with ease, this cocktail is 100 calories per can. Not only is the canned cocktail gluten-free, but each can also contains just 2 grams of total carbohydrates and 1 gram of sugars.

A Sign of Quality

One of the reasons that the lime flavor is so endearing in this particular canned cocktail is that the makers use a very simple set of ingredients. Rather than go for cost cutting measures of using inferior artificial ingredients, the creators of Day Chaser Lime Vodka + Soda Canned Cocktail use real lime juice from concentrate, premium vodka, natural flavors, and carbonated water. If you’re looking for a classic cocktail taste that you can enjoy in your own living room, bring Day Chaser Lime Vodka + Soda Canned Cocktail home today.

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