Tommy Bahama Vodka Soda Review: Island Tonic


Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Tommy Bahama Island TonicTommy Bahama Island Tonic is Mild and Refreshing

The vodka tonic cocktail recipe is simple. All you need to do is add tonic water to some vodka and garnish with a slice of lime. With a recipe this simple, you would think that all vodka tonics taste the same, but that’s simply not true. The ratio of vodka to tonic water is essential in making the cocktail just right, and often, mixologists will spice up the recipe with a splash of lime juice. Tommy Bahama describes its Island Tonic Vodka Soda as “A balanced Vodka Tonic that does not disappoint with slight juniper and herbaceous notes.” This canned cocktail combines natural fruit flavors with vodka for an intriguing summertime vodka tonic variation. With the colorful and tropical branding, Tommy Bahama has done a great job creating a vodka soda that embodies summertime vibes. We decided to put this vodka soda to the test to determine if its flavor and overall experience match the excellent branding. Below is a synopsis of our overall experience with this canned cocktail. 

A Subtle Fruit Flavor with Lime Aftertaste

Upon taking our first sip of Tommy Bahama Island Tonic, we find a flavor that is simple and mild. We detect a faint citrus flavor that may be lime. Vodka Tonics are traditionally light on flavor; however, we hoped for a little more lime, juniper, and herb flavor overall. With that said, this canned cocktail has strong beach vibes, and Vodka Tonic enthusiasts may prefer the mild taste experience. There is a pleasant lime aftertaste that gives the Tommy Bahama Island Tonic a lingering citrus flavor. Also, the carbonation level is just right for a tonic. Although this canned cocktail may be light on flavor, it certainly does not lack any life due to the excellent carbonation level. There is no detectable scent with this vodka soda, which is slightly disappointing as a citrus aroma would have added to the beach vibe that Tommy Bahama is going for with this vodka soda. 

A Fun Vodka Soda with Cool Branding

The Tommy Bahama Island Tonic is made with vodka and natural flavors. It contains only two grams of sugar; Tommy Bahama does not specify the total number of carbohydrates that are included in this beverage. In total, there are 110 calories. They are also gluten-free. As it pertains to the level of alcohol, there is a 5% ABV for this vodka soda by Tommy Bahama. Additionally, we enjoyed the beautiful artwork on the cans. It is a colorful and tropical design with an ocean blue theme that provides the vibe of being on a relaxing island for vacation.

Simple and Clean Flavor With Island and Beach Vibes

Tommy Bahama makes it clear that they wanted to create a vodka soda that offers island and beach vibes. In many ways, the brand was highly successful in accomplishing this goal. Specifically, the branding is excellent and accurately depicts the vibe of relaxing beachside on a warm summer day. The fresh aftertaste of lime also adds to the tropical cocktail experience. The overall flavor of this vodka soda is mild, but some are willing to sacrifice strong flavor for a low-sugar and all-natural beverage. The Tommy Bahama Island Tonic may not be the ideal option for those who long for strong, fruity flavors. However, this vodka soda is perfect for those seeking refreshment and mild flavor.

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