The 4 Best Hard Seltzers & RTD Cocktails for your Wedding

The 4 Best Hard Seltzers and RTD Cocktails for your Wedding

Wedding Season

There’s no more magical moment than when your partner gets down on one knee. Maybe you’ve known each other for years or simply months. It doesn’t matter. There was always something there, building from the moment you met — a spark that grew into a fire. A fire that warmed you, invigorated you, and brought you to life. The answer to their question was always inevitable.


You will marry them! You will spend the rest of your life with them.

Now comes the workload – the wedding. Perhaps you sat down with a wedding planner. Or, you’re going it alone. Maybe you’re doing something extravagant or on a strict budget. No matter what you’re doing, it speaks to who you and your partner are as people and as a couple. And, as your big event approaches, you find that weddings aren’t a one-and-done affair. There’s the engagement party, the showers, the night celebrating an end to your single-hood, and rehearsals, and brunches, luncheons, and dinners. Depending on your religion and culture, there can be even more events!

What do all of these events need? Alcohol!

Okay, that’s clearly up to you as a couple. However, if you’re reading this article on Seltzer Nation, it’s a safe bet to assume that you’re going to want at least a couple of bubbling refreshments for your guests at some point in the process. We’ve compiled a list of premium beverages that have a delicious taste and wedding-display-ready cans that will look classy and beautiful in all of those candid celebration photos.

1. Sparkling Ice Spiked Cocktails and Hard Seltzers

Sparkling Ice Spiked CocktailsSparkling Ice Spiked is a Pacific Northwest-based brand with a range of flavors. They recently released two cocktail-inspired flavors, Strawberry Margarita and Mango Mojito. Along with their new releases, the brand offers flavors Lemonade Refresher, Strawberry Citrus Smash, Cherry Lime Chiller, and Ruby Fizz (a rebrand of flavor Grapefruit Splash). Not only are their products delicious, but their cans are beautiful and elegant. They’re the perfect drink to set out in a beverage tub for your guests.

The drinks have an alcohol content of 4% ABV for their original flavors and 6% ABV for their cocktails, meaning your guests have a choice between lightly tipsy and buzzed enough to get down on the dance floor and yell, “Shout!” Another delightful benefit, these drinks have 0 grams of sugar and 1-2 carbs, depending on the flavor. They’re also low-cal at 80 calories for their original flavors and 120 calories for their cocktails.

One of the things we love about this brand for your affair is that its parent company is the top-selling brand Sparkling Ice. Sparkling Ice offers non-alcoholic seltzer in a range of flavors and beautiful colors, and the branding is similar enough to coordinate perfectly. The Sparkling Ice bottles are distinctive from the alcoholic Sparkling Ice Spiked, so you can offer your guest a beautiful array of coordinating and yet distinct options. Another benefit, these products aren’t hard on the wedding budget. Their prices are comparable to 12 packs of Truly and White Claw. One thing is for sure, Sparkling Ice Spiked is a perfect choice for your big day.

2. Plant Botanical Vodka Seltzers

Plant Botanical One thing can be said for Plant Botanical Vodka Seltzers, you can’t find much prettier cans than theirs. Each can has illustrations of the fruits and botanicals flavors within, artistically rendered on a white background. Inside the cans are simple ingredients, high-end vodka, real fruit juice, sparkling water, and natural flavors including angelica, dandelion, goji berry, and ginseng. The flavors vary greatly from one to the next and are each unique in their own right.

These vodka seltzers have a slightly lower alcohol content than the average hard seltzer at 4.5% abv. This means your guests can sip leisurely throughout the event without worrying about getting too drunk. The calories are also low at only 100 calories per can, and these drinks only have 1 – 2 grams of sugar and carbs. This is a great alternative to malt-based seltzers if you prefer spirits-based drinks. The downside is that Plant Botanical is only available in select states. You can view what stores are closest to you on their website.

3. Bev Wine Spritzers

Bev WineBev is a wine seltzer with sass. The products are not just beautiful to behold they’re also all-natural and delicious. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a wine-based seltzer to offer your guests. Bev has a wide array of wines, including Noir (California Pinot Noir), Glitz (Sparkling white wine),  Blanc (California Sauvignon Blanc), California Rose Wine, Glam (Sparkling Rose Wine), and Gris (California Pinot Grigio).

Bev is a little more expensive than the other brands we’re featuring here, coming in at $99 for 24 cans, but there is a reason for that. These drinks have an alcohol content of 11.9% ABV and up. And each can has 1.68 servings. As they’ve calculated it on their website, this means that a 24 pack is equivalent to 8 bottles of wine. As that’s twelve dollars and change per bottle, it actually comes out to be one heck of a deal. These offerings are great for pre-wedding events or guests who only want one drink, as the alcohol content is on the higher side, which is common with both wines and wine spritzers. Each serving contains 100 calories, 0 grams of sugar, and 3 carbs.

4. White Claw Hard Seltzers

White Claw Hard SeltzerIt would be impossible to write a wedding article about hard seltzer and not include White Claw Hard Seltzer. The top-selling hard seltzer brand has prompted many trends, including White Claw Weddings. According to the Green Wedding Shoes blog, the trend started when a couple decided to have a White Claw themed wedding complete with them shot-gunning White Claws at the altar. The idea has prompted the #whiteclawwedding social media trend and White Claw Wedding products on online retailers like Etsy.

White Claw has 28 flavors, including their full-flavor Surf and Lemonade Refrshr lines, their iced teas, 8% ABV Surge, and their original hard seltzers. Aside from Surge, White Claw keeps to an alcohol content of 5% ABV and a calorie content of 100 calories. White Claw is the #1 hard seltzer brand for a reason. People love them. Most of your wedding guests will have heard of White Claw, and they may even have a favorite flavor.

At the end of the day, why pick only one? These events are about you and your partner. Choose whatever makes you happy!


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