TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipes Provide Year-Round Enjoyment

TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipes

TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer Says Seltzers Are NOT Just for Summer!

TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipes— The team behind the delicious TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzers are making it their mission to ensure their drinks are seen as all year-round tipples and not just ice-cold hits of refreshment for the hot and sticky months of summer. We all know that seltzers are best served super chilled and straight from the can or poured over ice with a fruit garnish. But sometimes we all want something a little different and seltzers are the perfect drink to give you that year-round choice. Not only are they great on their own but they are also a great mixer alternative in a number of different long drinks and cocktails. For example, a citrus flavored Seltzer makes a great alternative to traditional tonic in a G&T. And if berry flavors are your thing, try mixing a berry Vodka with a berry seltzer for a refreshing take on a classic Martini style cocktail.

At TAKE FIVE, they don’t believe in waiting for vacations or long weekends to reward themselves with a little time out. They’ve created their range of seltzers as the perfect refreshment for those precious moments, whenever and wherever they take place. And now, especially as we fully embrace the festive season, they are encouraging us all to make those time out moments that little bit more special with a bespoke TAKE FIVE cocktail, curated by their very own award-winning mixologist, Tim Robinson.

“Creating these cocktails with TAKE FIVE was a really fun and interesting project to embark on” said Tim. “The subtle and clean flavors of the TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzers make them extremely versatile drinks to have in your collection. Using TAKE FIVE, I’ve been able to craft a range of bespoke cocktails ranging from the super easy to replicate at home to those that are perfect for all budding cocktail enthusiasts.”

TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipes   TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipes   TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipes





Tim Robinson is an award winning British mixologist and founder of luxury event company Twist London. The recipes for his delicious cocktails can be found on TAKE FIVE’s newly refurbished website at https://takefivedrinks.com/seltzer-cocktails/ and you can learn more about the available flavors for use in these tasty hard seltzer cocktails in our TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer Reviews section.

Spreading the seltzer cocktails message on social media, the team have matched a selection of their cocktails to the signs of the Zodiac so depending on whether you are a Leo or a Capricorn, there is a seltzer cocktail to match your personality too.

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