Spyk’d Hard Seltzer Review: Orange


Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 5%

Spyk’d Orange Hard SeltzerThe Spyk’d Orange Hard Seltzer Has a Natural Orange Flavor

Some of the best hard seltzers have a minimal alcohol taste, yet they’re fairly strong. That’s precisely the case with the Spyk’d Orange Hard Seltzer. There is a delicious flavor, highlighting a natural orange taste that isn’t boosted by any added sugar. If you were to tell us this didn’t have alcohol, we may be inclined to believe you. That is, of course, until you notice the gentle buzz this drink provides. Overall, we genuinely enjoyed testing this Spyk’d Orange Hard Seltzer. If you love a natural orange flavor in your hard seltzer, then you may love it as well. Below we go over our tasting experience, the drink’s nutritional information, and our recommendations.

Natural Flavors and ZERO Grams Of Sugar

This hard seltzer provided by the Fort Myers Brewing Co. contains water, yeast, and natural flavors. The Spyk’d Orange Hard Seltzer contains 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). So, you may feel a kick of alcohol if you drink one or more in a single sitting. As always, be sure to drink responsibly. For hard seltzer lovers who enjoy sugar-free options, this drink is a “can’t-miss.” It contains absolutely zero grams of sugar. More than that, there aren’t any carbs and each can contains only 90 calories. This is also a gluten free choice. 

Delicious Flavor And Aroma — A Beautiful Bouquet Of Oranges!

The two things that stand out the most about the Spyk’d Orange Hard Seltzer are the delicious orange flavor and the strong orange aroma. Yet, despite the delicious taste, there isn’t any sugar —  the taste is entirely natural. Ultimately, there’s a lot to love about this drink. Here are a few details we noticed during our taste test experience: 

  • Aroma — The orange soda aroma is strong and delicious! It hits you right as you crack the can and provides a flavor preview for your first sip. 
  • Orange Flavor — Remember the orange lollipops you had as a kid? Well, this hard seltzer is reminiscent of that. It also tastes natural and isn’t too sweet since there isn’t any sugar or carbs. 
  • Alcohol — You can feel the alcohol, given the 5% ABV. However, there isn’t a boozy taste. Instead, it’s totally delicious with a kick of alcohol you’ll feel.
  • Carbonation — The carbonation is as you would expect; it’s not overpowering nor is it by any means flat. Instead, the carbonation gives it a nice “orange seltzer water” experience. 

If You Love Orange Hard Seltzer, You Have To Try This!

We highly recommend the Spyk’d Orange Hard Seltzer for anyone who loves natural orange flavor. And you’ll especially love this one if you want a delicious flavor that is paired with minimal alcohol taste and no sugar. It does provide a bit of a kick, so be prepared! The branding has great vibes and makes for a great summertime poolside beverage. If you host parties, it’ll likely be one of your more popular choices among guests — just make sure to hide a few in the back of the fridge or cooler for yourself! 

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