Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer Review: Raspberry Truffle

Sparkling Ice Spiked Raspberry Truffle Hard Seltzer

Rating: 94 Points

Calories: 80

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 4%

Sparkling Ice Spiked Raspberry Truffle Hard Seltzer is a Perfect Blend of Delectable Flavors

Sparkling Ice Spiked Raspberry Truffle Hard Seltzer— There are many fruits that can be complimented by chocolate. Chocolate covered strawberries are a must order for wedding anniversaries. You want to prove your love is still as vibrant and exciting as it was when you and your spouse first got together. Chocolate is also a great compliment to shredded coconut or to juicy pineapple or even succulent black cherries. But there’s one flavor that goes especially well with chocolate and that is raspberry. The unique sweet and tangy flavor of fresh raspberries blends perfectly with the dark earthy tones of chocolate truffles. Such is the bouquet of flavors one will enjoy with a Sparkling Ice Spiked Raspberry Truffle Hard Seltzer.

Like Opening a Present

Opening a can of Sparkling Ice Spiked Raspberry Truffle Hard Seltzer is a delightful experience. The fragrance emanating from the can is one-part decadent chocolate and one-part sweet raspberry. In all honesty, it smells like a box of fancy raspberry-filled chocolates. Yet for all that tempting flavor, you’ll be relieved to know each can boasts only 80 calories with 0 grams of total sugar and just 1 gram of carbohydrates. This spiked seltzer is also 100% gluten free. If you like to serve your seltzer on ice, you’ll be enthralled by the dizzying array of bubbles. It has truly great carbonation.

Sparkling Ice Spiked Raspberry Truffle Hard Seltzer Features a Chocolatey Finish

A good level of carbonation and an inviting fragrance are two tell tale signs that you’ve stumbled upon a winner of a hard seltzer. However, the true test of greatness relies on flavor. And you’ll find yourself enthralled by the flavor of this Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer. Made from carbonated water, alcohol from cane sugar, natural flavors, and stevia leaf, this hard seltzer screams with sweet and sinful flavor. At first you taste the succulent flavor of raspberries. Next, the rich tones of chocolate break through for a wonderful finish. Both the chocolate and the raspberry flavors are authentic and inviting. This is not a flavor combination you find often in a seltzer, but it is an excellent one. You will be reminded of eating candy as you enjoy this dessert inspired hard seltzer. Find more sinfully savory seltzers on our Sparkling Ice Spiked Reviews page.

Hard Seltzer for Dessert

Every hard seltzer drinker has their favorites. Some prefer a fruity mix, while others prefer a more robust flavor mixture. Sparkling Ice Spiked Raspberry Truffle Hard Seltzer is a divine combination of authentic fresh raspberry flavor mated with the taste of rich chocolate truffles. The two flavors mix well for a dessert drinking experience. Despite its rich flavor, this hard seltzer packs only 80 calories per can with just 1 gram of total carbohydrates and 0 grams of total sugars. In terms of alcohol content, this hard seltzer has a light and enjoyable 4% alcohol by volume (ABV). From start to finish, this is a spiked seltzer that packs a lot of enjoyment into a single can. The raspberry and chocolate mix is one that truly works well together, especially during the holidays.


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