Buena Gave Canned Cocktail Review: Cantarito Spritz

Buena Gave Cantarito Spritz

Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 140

Carbs: 9g

ABV: 5%

Taste The Agave Adventure With Buena Gave Cantarito Spritz

Buena Gave Cantarito Spritz— Buena Gave is a highly respected maker of agave spirit cocktails. Agave is a plant native to Southern United States and Latin America. Agave was once believed to have medicinal properties. The sap of the blue agave plant can be boiled to produce a sweetener. These blue agave sugars can then be fermented to produce Tequila. In 2020 the U.S. imported more than 254 million liters of agave Tequila from Mexico. But luckily you don’t have to go to Mexico to enjoy this popular spirit. Buena Gave Cantarito Spritz brings the flavors of Mexico to you.

Citrus Fruit Medley

When it comes to cocktails, a good fragrance usually leads to an enjoyable drinking experience. And Buena Gave Cantarito Spritz is no exception. When you first open the can you will be treated to a medley of citrus fruit fragrances. And if you prefer your canned cocktails over ice, the first aroma you will be greeted with as you pour is that of a luscious lime. As it begins to breathe, you will notice the fragrances of the orange juice and grapefruit juice make their entrance. Together with the lime scent, it is all very enticing. You will also be able to identify the unique scent of agave in this sparkling Tequila cocktail. In terms of calories and carbohydrates this spritz is on the higher side due to the multiple fruit juices, but the 0 added sugar and gluten free status balance the scales nicely.

Buena Gave Cantarito Spritz Oozes Orange

This Buena Gave canned cocktail has a simple recipe. It is made from carbonated water, agave spirit (Tequila), orange juice, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and sea salt. Poured over ice, you’ll be enamored by the light orange hue and slightly cloudy complexion signature to quality Tequila cocktails. It also has a near perfect level of carbonation that further enhances the fruity fragrances as you prepare to take your first sip. The first sip will be somewhat strong in terms of juice flavor. But then again, this is a juice-forward cocktail. The ultimate test, however, is how a canned cocktail tastes, and this one passed with flying (orange) colors. It tastes as it should — like a tequila and fruit juice cocktail — but with an easy to drink 5% ABV.

Nice Over Ice

Buena Gave Cantarito Spritz is a strong citrus and agave flavored Tequila canned cocktail. While tasty right from the can, this sparkling cocktail would be best over ice for those who don’t embrace a stronger Tequila taste, as it will subdue the bolder agave and fruit juice flavors as it’s slowly enjoyed. Multiple fruit juices – orange, grapefruit, and lime – results in a higher carbohydrate count, but the rich citrus flavors are worth the extra carbs. It has a beautiful light orange complexion and a great carbonation level. And with a milder 5% ABV, this is a great canned cocktail for enjoying after a long day at work, a night out with friends, or on a leisurely afternoon relaxing at home.


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