Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer Review: Raspberry-Rosé

Smirnoff Raspberry-Rose

Rating: 77 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 4.5%

Smirnoff Raspberry-RoseSmirnoff Raspberry-Rosé has a Crisp and Bubbly Taste

We were immediately curious about Smirnoff Raspberry-Rosé. First, the raspberry flavor with the rosé presentation just seems classy, to say the least. You can picture yourself spending meaningful time with your significant other outdoors, sitting poolside. As traditional wine glasses are not ideal for poolside consumption, you can crack open a can of this spiked sparkling seltzer for optimum enjoyment and convenience. Second, Raspberry Rosé from Smirnoff promises a great blend of natural fruit flavors with a traditional rosé wine taste. And last, everything from the branding on the can to the 4.5% ABV and no added sugar tempted us to learn more. So, we decided to test this spiked sparkling seltzer, and here is what we found.

A Nice Raspberry Taste

Smirnoff makes their Raspberry-Rosé Spiked Sparkling Seltzer with carbonated mineral water and natural flavors. You can truly taste the raspberry flavor with every sip. It is also a light drink. Unfortunately, the carbonation fell flat for us. There were little bubbles, but this offering didn’t deliver the carbonation level we expect from a spiked sparkling seltzer. This seltzer contains zero grams of sugar and only 90 calories per can. With only one total gram of carbs, it won’t break your carb counter. The Smirnoff Raspberry-Rosé is also relatively low in alcohol by volume, with just 4.5% ABV. Conversely, it has a malt alcohol aftertaste. It is a good choice for events where you want to sip on a drink without risking intoxication. Please, always drink responsibly.

Bubbly with a Berry Scent

Traditional rosé has a unique color that is between white wine and red wine. You get a similar feel with this rosé-inspired spiked sparkling seltzer. It looks similar to a white zinfandel wine. Overall, the look and scent of the Smirnoff Raspberry-Rosé are pleasing. It has a nice cranberry aroma that is prevalent upon popping open the can. However, it tastes more like raspberries. Although it is carbonated, it is not as fizzy as you might want. If you prefer a smooth and less carbonated taste and experience, then you may prefer this seltzer. It is best when served chilled and pulled directly out of the ice cooler.

A Unique Option for Raspberry Lovers

If you love berry and rosé flavors, then the Smirnoff Raspberry-Rosé is certainly worth trying. Everything from the taste to the aroma to the appearance screams rosé wine. It also has a distinct raspberry flavor. This is also a great choice for relaxing around the house after a long workday if you enjoy the rosé flavor. Though, this hard seltzer is undoubtedly at its best when served cold and pulled out of a cooler or cold fridge. It is perfect for adults who love to get outside on warm, sunny days. From beach trips to backyard barbecues, you will not regret adding a few Smirnoff Raspberry-Rosé Spiked Sparkling Seltzers to the cooler.

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