BEV Wine Spritz Review: Noir

BEV Noir

Rating: 85 Points

Calories: 127

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 12.9%

BEV Noir

BEV Noir Embodies a Truly Delicious Wine Experience

Pinot Noir became popular in California around the mid to late 19th century. Although the wine trade endured a setback due to prohibition, the local grape growers and winemakers in the Sonoma County region started a wine renaissance that is still very much alive. Today, regions of the Russian River Valley, Sonoma Valley, and Sonoma Coast produce famous Pinot Noir wines that have a pristine reputation throughout the world. BEV Noir Wine Spritz delivers a classic California Pinot Noir taste with a fizzy, fun twist. That added fizz makes it incredibly refreshing when served chilled on a hot day outdoors. If you love wine spritzes served in a cold, recyclable aluminum can, then BEV Noir Wine Spritz is for you.

Fizzy and Filled with Flavor

This delicious California Pinot Noir wine spritz has flavor notes of pomegranate and blackberries. Crack open the can, and a fantastic citrus blossom aroma wafts up to fill the air. The dark shade of the liquid gives it an aesthetic appeal that adds to the overall experience. You can notice its fizzy nature upon opening the can for the first time. Like most red wines, this is a great choice for unwinding in your home after a long day. However, this wine is even more ideal when you are craving a delicious red wine outdoors on a hot day. It is incredibly refreshing. We recommend serving it chilled over ice. Featuring a 12.9% ABV, a little goes a long way with BEV Noir. You can begin to feel the alcohol after just one serving of this refreshing wine spritz.

Tasty Wine with Zero Sugar

BEV Noir does not contain any sugar, yet this wine has incredible flavor. This can be attributed to its berry flavor notes. The beverage also has a pretty pink color, along with a satisfying aroma of citrus blossoms and fresh pomegranate. Additionally, there are only 127 calories total per can and 3 grams of carbs. This is combined with a 12.9% ABV. Therefore, not only is it low calorie, but a little goes a long way. In other words, you can drink less and still experience the desirable kick of alcohol in every sip. However, each delicious and refreshing sip leaves you wanting more.

A Terrific Outdoor Refreshment

This is a great choice for wine lovers that desire a Pinot Noir that they can consume chilled in an outdoor environment. Unlike most wines, BEV Noir travels easily. You can effortlessly pack it into any ice cooler, and it is best served cold. From beach trips with the family to day parties with friends, it is absolutely perfect for any outdoor occasion. It is especially ideal if you desire a much stronger beverage than a traditional hard seltzer. It is especially perfect for red wine lovers that enjoy a little fizz with every sip. We recommend this canned beverage, especially if you love enjoying chilled wine outdoors.

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