Simply Spiked Peach Variety Pack

Simply Spiked Peach Variety Pack

Simply Spiked Peach Variety Pack

Simply Spiked Peach Variety Pack

Simply Spiked™ announces the release of Simply Spiked™ Peach.

There is something special about peaches. There are very few fruits that are celebrated and loved as much as peaches. For example, peaches aren’t only the state fruit of Georgia; the “peach state” celebrates the fuzzy stone fruit every chance it gets, from the Peach Bowl to parades to holding a Miss Georgia Peach Pageant. Georgia isn’t even the U.S. state that produces the most peaches. Both South Carolina and California produce more peaches than the peach state. In the music world, peaches have inspired dozens of songs. Peaches are an all-around loved stone fruit. So, it’s no wonder that peach-flavored hard seltzers and ready-to-drink cocktails are hot right now. Just in time for spring (and summer), Coca-Cola’s Simply Spiked announced that it is launching a brand-new peach-flavored line of drinks, Simply Spiked Peach.

“With the launch of Simply Spiked Lemonade™ in 2022, we tapped into a highly engaged and loyal group of Simply brand fans that had been waiting for a spiked version of their favorite juice flavors with 5% ABV for years,” Joy Ghosh, vice president of Above Premium Beer & FMBs at Molson Coors Beverage Company, said in a March 6, 2023 press release. “So when we looked towards developing our next Simply Spiked innovation, it was obvious that we should listen to our day one fans and give them the flavor they’ve been asking for. Enter Simply Spiked Peach.”

Four “Peach-Inspired” Flavors

Simply Spiked Peach will be available in four flavors, Signature Peach, Strawberry Peach, Kiwi Peach, and Mango Peach. The drinks have an alcohol content of 5% ABV. These drinks also include 5% juice. The ingredients of Simply Spiked Signature peach are carbonated water, alcohol, cane sugar, peach juice from concentrate, apple juice from concentrate, citric acid, natural flavors, sodium citrate, and stevia extract. The ingredients of the other flavors are identical to Signature Peach, except that Strawberry Peach contains strawberry juice, Kiwi Peach contains kiwi juice, and Mango Peach contains mango juice. Signature Peach has 170 calories, 19 grams of carbs, and 19 grams of sugar. The other flavors may vary slightly in their carb and sugar content. These drinks are gluten-free and kosher.

Everything We Know

 Peach enthusiasts around the United States, get ready to rejoice! Simply Spiked tells us that we will be seeing these delicious drinks on shelves as soon as the “end of March.” The distribution will be nationwide, so you will likely see them wherever Simply Spiked is sold. Simply Spiked Peach will be available in a flavor variety 12-pack of 12 oz tall cans. The Signature Peach flavor will also be available in 24 oz can singles. These drinks are perfect for enjoying outdoors in the sunshine as the weather warms. So, grab a pack and delight in the sweet taste of peaches, strawberries, mangos, and kiwis.

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