Simply Spiked Lemonade Hard Seltzer Review: Blueberry Lemonade

Simply Spiked Lemonade Blueberry Lemonade

Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 170

Carbs: 19g

ABV: 5%

Simply Spiked Lemonade Blueberry Lemonade

Simply Spiked Lemonade Blueberry Lemonade is a Dream Come True for Blueberry Lovers

Blueberry pairs well with so many flavors, not the least of which includes lemonade. Simply Spiked Lemonade Blueberry Lemonade combines its signature lemonade with natural blueberry flavor. If you love blueberries, you are in for a flavor experience like never before. The strong berry taste may not be ideal for everyone, particularly those who want something less sweet. However, this is a dream come true for blueberry lovers who have been waiting for a hard seltzer that is filled with natural blueberry flavor. We tested this hard seltzer, and here are our findings.

Pucker up for the Deliciousness

Simply Spiked Lemonade Blueberry Lemonade Hard Seltzer provides a pleasantly sweet and fruity experience. This hard seltzer tastes as strong and natural as you could desire. The blueberry is incredibly prominent with each sip you take. This is, of course, combined with the sweet and tart flavor that the lemonade provides. Overall, the taste feels like a nice combination of sour and sweet. It is reminiscent of those sweet blueberry candies we enjoyed as kids. The lemonade flavor is enough to make your lips pucker, yet, still, each sip is enjoyable. The taste may be too sweet for some, especially if you intend to drink more than one or two at a time. However, those who love natural blueberry flavor will enjoy this option by Simply Spiked.

A Blast of Natural Blueberry Flavor

Simply Spiked Lemonade makes their Blueberry Lemonade Hard Seltzer with carbonated water, alcohol, cane sugar, lemon juice from concentrate, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavors, and stevia extract. There is a 5% alcohol-by-volume (ABV). In total, this hard seltzer lemonade has 170 calories, which is higher than the average for a hard seltzer. Each can also has more sugar than the average canned seltzer. Each beverage has 18 total grams of sugar and 19 grams of carbs. All Simply Spiked Lemonades are gluten-free. This hard seltzer has a nice blueberry and lemonade aroma. There is a faint purple color to the liquid as well. We found it to have a nice level of carbonation for a bubbly experience.

A Tasty Blueberry Lemonade Experience

This is a good choice if you are seeking a burst of fruit flavor. The carbonation also provides a good quantity of bubbles and ensures every sip is full of life and never flat. Simply Spiked makes this blueberry lemonade flavor with real fruit juice for a more natural taste. Although the sweet taste of blueberry mixed with added sugar and sweeteners may not be to everyone’s taste, those who adore blueberry (especially blueberry lemonade) should enjoy this Simply Spiked Lemonade Blueberry Lemonade Hard Seltzer. It is a great choice for parties, beach days, relaxing by the pool, and while staying at home with your significant other, along with just about any other fun occasion you can imagine where alcohol is acceptable.

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