SESH Cocktail Meets Seltzer Hard Seltzer Review: Paloma

SESH Cocktail Meets Seltzer Paloma

Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 120

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 6%

SESH Cocktail Meets Seltzer PalomaSESH Cocktail Meets Seltzer Paloma Tastes Like a Bar Cocktail

Are you tired of cocktails that are filled with high amounts of sugar, gluten, and calories? If so, then SESH Cocktail Meets Seltzer may be a brand worth checking out.  Cocktails are usually strong in alcohol and filled with delicious flavor, and the SESH Cocktail Meets Seltzer certainly has both. As SESH describes, their hard seltzers are amazing-tasting canned cocktails without all of the sugar and other additives. The bold claims of flavor combined with the relatively simple list of ingredients had us intrigued to try the SESH Paloma. Below is a detailed review of our experience, highlighting the flavor you can expect, the ingredients, and our overall recommendation. 

An Authentic Cocktail Experience in a Can

SESH Cocktail Meets Seltzer Paloma tastes just like a tequila cocktail. We were incredibly surprised by how similar it was to a traditional cocktail you would purchase at a restaurant or bar. The grapefruit is perfectly balanced. It was not overbearing or too tart (as grapefruit can be at times). Another notable feature of this hard seltzer by SESH is the alcohol content. It is relatively strong at 6% alcohol-by-volume (ABV), and you likely will feel the effects within the first can. Overall, the flavor is pretty accurate. The tequila flavor, in particular, is spot on. Although this cocktail does not contain tequila, it tastes like you are drinking an authentic tequila Paloma cocktail. These are also natural, as there are no artificial flavors or added sugar. 

A Stronger Hard Seltzer With 6% Alcohol

SESH makes its Paloma Hard Seltzer with filtered water, alcohol, natural flavors, and stevia. This is a relatively strong hard seltzer. Therefore, we recommend drinking with caution as it can quickly produce a boozy effect if you are not careful. However, so long as you keep a close eye on how you feel, the higher ABV may not seem as if it is too much. There are 120 calories per can. Although this is fairly heavy for a hard seltzer, there is only 1 gram of carbs and 0 grams of sugar in each 12-ounce can. SESH Cocktail Meets Seltzer Paloma is also a gluten-free option. 

A Seltzer That Feels Like a Bar Drink

This hard seltzer by SESH provides an authentic cocktail experience in a can. Thus, we recommend pouring your drink out of the can and over a glass of ice. Garnish your glass with fresh fruit, and you’ll have the perfect bar cocktail anywhere you go. Of course, you can always enjoy the deliciousness of this hard seltzer straight from the can as well. Overall, you are in for a strong flavor experience with the SESH Cocktail Meets Seltzer Paloma. It also provides quite the kick of alcohol with 6% ABV, so be sure to drink carefully. As it pertains to the flavor, it has a nice taste of grapefruit. It is powered by real natural flavors. However, there is a small amount of stevia for an extra sweet boost. Overall, we certainly recommend trying this one if you are a Paloma cocktail lover.

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