All Four Flavors of Truly Seltzer Wonderworld Pack, Ranked

Truly Seltzer

The Truly Seltzer Wonderworld Pack

There are a lot of reasons to like Truly Seltzer. To start with, Truly, the second-leading hard seltzer brand on the market, has over 30 permanent flavors (and has promised to add at least seven more flavors this year). Second, Truly has an extensive portfolio of choices, from light flavors to full flavors. The brand offers single-fruit flavors, punches, lemonades, margaritas, vodka sodas, and more. Third, (at least) three times a year, Truly blesses us with a limited edition pack of four original, never-seen-before flavors that are as unique and delicious as its permanent flavors. It’s no wonder that Truly has kept the second-to-top spot in the hard seltzer world for years due to its large and loyal fanbase.

Truly recently released a limited-edition pack named the Wonderworld Pack, and our testers got a chance to try each flavor. The brand advertises its Wonderworld Pack as having “A Hint of Flavor.” We disagree. Compared to other Truly drinks, the flavors are slightly lighter. However, we got more than a “hint” of fruity goodness. Suffice it to say, the Wonderworld Pack delivers more than advertised.

As to the ingredients in the Wonderworld Pack, these drinks contain natural flavors and real fruit juice. As with most Truly flavors, the flavors of this pack have an alcohol content of 5% ABV. It’s also important to note that these flavors are light on calories, sugar, and carbs. Specifically, each 12 oz can contains 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and 2 grams of carbohydrates. Meaning you can try all four flavors and not break your diet. There is a lot to love about this limited-edition pack. We tasted each flavor, and below is a review of the flavors in the Wonderworld Pack ranked from good to outstanding.

Truly Seltzer

#4 Truly Hard Seltzer Citrus Clouds

Sipping on Citrus Clouds was a delightful experience. The lemon and lime flavors were prominent and refreshing, and the carbonation was just right, providing a satisfying fizz that enhanced the taste. We found the flavor profile of this seltzer to be very similar to that of Sprite, but with the bonus of being low-calorie and low sugar. The balance of the flavors was excellent, and we could taste a hint of sugar that added a subtle sweetness without being overpowering. Overall, it was a nice light hard seltzer that was easy to drink. The flavors were well-balanced, making it an excellent option for those who enjoy a soda-like seltzer without the added sugar and calories.

Truly Hard Seltzer Wonder What Featured

#3 Truly Hard Seltzer Wonder What…?

When trying Truly Hard Seltzer’s Wonder What…? mystery flavor, we were excited to uncover what this new flavor could be. As we cracked open the drink, an aroma of tangerine or orange rose from the can, which immediately piqued our curiosity. Upon taking our first sip, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the flavor was indeed orange, with a subtle hint of pineapple. The carbonation was excellent, providing a refreshing feel that enhanced the citrus vibes of this seltzer. The orange flavor was prominent and refreshing, and the carbonation was on point. Although the pineapple was barely there, it added a subtle touch that complemented the orange flavor well.

Truly Hard Seltzer Strawberry Breeze Featured

#2 Truly Hard Seltzer Strawberry Breeze

The moment we opened the can of Strawberry Breeze, a delightful fragrance of ripe strawberries greeted us. From the first sip, we could taste the succulent strawberries and juicy watermelon blend, creating a mouth-watering taste reminiscent of our favorite childhood candy. The blend of strawberries and watermelon was exceptional. Despite the sweet flavor, it wasn’t overpowering, and the balance was just right. This hard seltzer was a welcome change from other seltzers that use stevia as a sweetener. We wholeheartedly recommend Strawberry Breeze to anyone looking for a fruity, sweet drink perfect for warm weather.

Truly Hard Seltzer Peach Drop Featured

#1 Truly Hard Seltzer Peach Drop

The moment we popped open the can of Truly Hard Seltzer Peach Drop, the sweet aroma of juicy peaches filled the air. Taking our first sip, we were delighted by the excellent carbonation that gave a pleasant fizz to the drink. The peach flavor was spot-on and accurate, making us appreciate the natural flavors and real fruit juice used in making this seltzer. The spot-on peach flavor transported us straight to a peach orchard. One of the things we appreciated most about Truly Hard Seltzer Peach Drop was that it wasn’t overly sweet like some other seltzers we’ve tried. The balanced sweetness made for a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience. Overall, we highly recommend giving Truly Hard Seltzer Peach Drop a try. Its accurate flavor, excellent carbonation, and perfect level of sweetness make it a delightful hard seltzer choice.

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