Seagram’s Hard Seltzer Review: Mango Peach

Seagram's Mango Peach Hard Seltzer

Rating: 84 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Seagram’s Mango Peach Hard Seltzer Serves Up a Fun and Fruity Flavor

Seagram's Mango Peach Hard Seltzer— When I noticed my pants getting tighter, I decided to change my diet. Instead of high calories sweets at bedtime, I turn in at night with a cup of diced peaches or diced mangos. Either way, it is a treat. The subtle sweet flavor of mango is probably high on just about everyone’s list of favorite fruits. The flesh of the fruit is so tangy and tranquil you almost don’t even have to chew it. It practically melts in your mouth. When you talk about peaches, it is another golden fruit that blends well with mango. Of course, peaches have a taste all their own. The peach is a bold flavor that delvers satisfaction with every bite. Demonstrating the two flavors work well together is Seagram’s Mango Peach Hard Seltzer.

Malty Flavor

When you take your first sip of Seagram’s Mango Peach Hard Seltzer, you will instantly recognize the beer-like taste that comes with some malt-beverages. As long as you don’t mind a subtle beer flavor, you’ll have fun with this one. It is not a terribly authentic flavor. Like the aroma, it is more a general fruit tone than specifically mango and peach. There is a bit of a mango flavor to the drink, but nothing distinguishable as peach touches the palate. It does have a slightly sour aftertaste. This is most likely due to it being a malt-beverage. It’s still a fun and fruity flavor combination, but if you prefer strong mango flavor there are more options that can be found on our hard seltzer reviews page.

Seagram’s Mango Peach Hard Seltzer Has a Fruity Aroma

When you open a can of this Seagram’s Hard Seltzer you don’t necessarily get a clear picture what the taste will be from the aroma of the beverage. There is a very faint hint of mango that emanates from the open can. There is no hint of peach in the scent bouquet. Overall, it is a more general fruity scent. As far as hard seltzers go, this one has a respectable 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Each can offers 2 grams of total carbohydrates and 1 gram of total sugars – which means it is not too bad for your waistline. As a malt-based beverage it is not gluten-free. The carbonation level on this beverage is respectable and Seagram’s doesn’t make the mistake of too many bubbles.

All-Around Fruit Flavor

Mango and peaches are two delightful fruits that go well together. As the title flavors in Seagram’s Mango Peach Hard Seltzer, the two fruits make for a fun beverage. Granted, as a malt-based beverage you will taste a beer-like flavor in addition to fruit. The malt gives the drink a slightly sour aftertaste. The general flavor of the beverage is a more all-around fruit flavor than one that is specifically mango or peach. Of the two named flavors, there is more mango than peach. The 5% ABV is a nice touch, as are the relatively low total carbs and total sugars. While our opinion is that it’s light in the flavor department, it is an option that is worth trying if you like fruity seltzers.


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