Bud Light Seltzer Review: Pineapple

Bud Light Pineapple Seltzer

Rating: 91 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Bud Light Pineapple Seltzer Takes You To The Tropics

Bud Light Pineapple Seltzer— Have you ever been to a luau or watched one on television? The festivity’s featured meal is a roast pig, but it’s not the only featured food. Pineapple is also key to the luau. Hidden beneath its prickly rind is one of the most succulent and refreshing fruits in the world. The yellow meat of the fruit is sweet and citrusy at the same time. And the succulent flavor blends with all the other taste delights at the luau from pig to poi. Without a doubt, pineapple is one of the great treats to be associated with Hawaii. However, the fruit actually is not native to Hawaii. Pineapples trace their origins to South America, however historically Hawaii has been responsible for up to 80% of the world’s canned pineapple. Bringing the flavors of the islands to your fridge is Bud Light Pineapple Seltzer.

Tempting Delight

A can of Bud Light Pineapple Seltzer is easy on the calories. At just 100 calories per can, this delightful beverage has a modest 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Further this tasty spiked sparkling water offers only 2 grams of total carbs and 1 gram of total sugars. This seltzer is also gluten-free. In Hawaiian, the fruit is called ‘hala kahiki” due to its similarity to the indigenous fruit “hala” but no matter what you call it, it is one tempting delight. When you open a can of this particular pineapple seltzer, you are welcomed with the fragrance of authentic pineapple. It is not always easy to get the scent of a flavored beverage correct but mission accomplished here. The fragrance is subtle but right on the money. It will make your mouth water in anticipation.

Bud Light Pineapple Seltzer Has Good Bubbles

After you open a can of this Bud Light Seltzer and are treated to its tempting bouquet, you will want to waste no time sampling its decadent flavor. In two words, the taste is “absolutely wonderful.” The pineapple is a full-bodied flavor that envelopes the entirety of your mouth, rushing over the tongue and palate. Making the drinking action even more enjoyable is the fact that Budweiser got the carbonation level spot on perfect. The level of bubbles can make or break a seltzer and in this case the carbonation definitely adds to the enjoyment factor. The pineapple flavor is remarkably accurate and utterly delicious. The sweet pineapple beverage will fill you with tropical vibes. Not all of the flavors found in our Bud Light Seltzer reviews are as accurate as this one, so kudos to Bud Light.

A New Tropical Favorite

Fans of pineapple will include the fruit in some far-out recipes from pineapple upside down cake to ham and pineapple pizza. In the beverage market, Bud Light Pineapple Seltzer is a real treat. The authentic pineapple flavor mixed with the pleasing alcohol content and perfect carbonation make this a treat for day in the sun or evenings around a fire. Even the fragrance of this hard seltzer is inviting and accurate. Its low sugar, low carbs, but a sweet flavor is inviting to say the least. And if you are a fan of the tropical flavors, this pineapple flavored hard sparkling water may well become one of your new favorites.


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