Take Five Hard Seltzer Launches With Help Of Some Famous Faces

TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer & The Pussycat Dolls

Two Members of Pop Group The Pussycat Dolls Help Launch TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer in U.K.

TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer & The Pussycat Dolls— Following the U.S. brand debut in December 2020, TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzers have now launched in the U.K. and are available to buy from Amazon. Supporting this launch are U.K. based Ashley Roberts and Kimberley Wyatt, members of the globally successful American pop group, The Pussycat Dolls.

Made using only 100% natural flavors, TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzers are sugar free, carb free, gluten free, suitable for vegans and 85 calories a can for a 330ml serving or 100 calories a can for a 355ml/12 oz. serving. Always crafted Conscience clear®, TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzers combine premium alcohol, natural fruit flavors and pure sparkling spring water to deliver an exceptionally refreshing taste that’s already building the brand a strong fan base in the U.S.

Not only is the taste of TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer uniquely refreshing, so is its reason for being. TAKE FIVE is all about giving consumers the motivation to reward themselves for their everyday.

In our busy lives we all need a little time out. Too often we forget this and we forget to stop and reflect on what we’ve achieved. Whatever we’ve done, big or small, monumental or trivial, it doesn’t matter. We can and should reward ourselves with some time out because we’ve earned it! It’s not about waiting for vacations or long weekends, it’s the here and now.

Now’s the time and TAKE FIVE provides the ultimate refreshment to accompany those precious time out moments, whatever form they may take.

Ashley Roberts and Kimberley Wyatt support the brands philosophy and endorsed the considered, relevant and chilled values of the brand at the recent campaign shoot in London.

TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer & The Pussycat Dolls

Ashley Roberts said, “As someone who cares about socializing and having fun as much as I do my physical and mental wellbeing, hard seltzers are the perfect option for me. TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer is a truly great tasting drink that I can enjoy with a clear conscience as it’s sugar free, carb free, gluten free, perfect for my vegan friends and 85 calories* a can! What’s not to love? I am thrilled to be supporting TAKE FIVE and flying the flag for hard seltzers. If you want to substitute your usual tipple for a more health conscious alternative, I can’t recommend TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzers enough. I love them!”

Kimberly Wyatt added, “I tried hard seltzers for the first time last year and was smitten right away. I love the clean, refreshing taste and love even more that it’s a more health-conscious alternative to social drinking with your friends. No alcohol is completely guilt free but TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzers come close! I’m very much into the need to take time out too, we live such busy lives and the past twelve months have been particularly stressful, so I really value what TAKE FIVE stands for. Now is definitely the time to TAKE FIVE.”

*100 calories in U.S. serving size of 12 fluid ounces.


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