Press Hard Seltzer Review: Blackberry Hibiscus

PRESS Blackberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer

Rating: 83 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 7g

ABV: 4%

PRESS Blackberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer Delivers a Delightful Flowery Finish

PRESS Blackberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer— Remember when you were a kid and you used to go visit your grandma? Grandmas always have something special to eat for their grandchildren. There is nothing quite like a visit with Grandma, sitting on the back porch with a big bowl of blackberries. Maybe she bought them at the store or maybe she made a special trip to go blackberry picking. Either way, the delicious juicy berries would explode with flavor in your mouth. The sweet tangy juices would envelope the tongue and wash over the palate. As good as blackberries are on their own, they are even better when served with a grandmother’s love. Relive those memories as you enjoy a PRESS Blackberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer.

Floral Aroma

The thing that really stands out when you open a can of PRESS Blackberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer is the sweet aroma that rushes out and fills the air. The beautiful bouquet that greets the nose sings of both berries and flowers. The berry scent is more blueberry than blackberry, but it is enticing all on its own. The flowery smell is unique for a drink but is very inviting. The hard sparkling water has a 4% alcohol by volume (ABV), which is on the lower end for spiked seltzers. Each can has 110 calories, a little on the high side. Each serving has 7 grams of total carbs and 5 grams of total sugars. Because it is malt based, this particular hard seltzer is not gluten free, however it is carbon filtered to remove as much gluten as possible.

PRESS Blackberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer Has a Delightful Flavor

The floral and beery aroma of this PRESS will definitely whet your appetite. Once you take your first sip, you will be very satisfied. The sparkling hard seltzer doesn’t taste of just blackberries, it tastes more of a berry mix. This is not a bad thing. The hibiscus blends with the berry flavor to deliver an overall taste similar to that of a very sweet red wine. The hibiscus gives the drink a flowery aftertaste. It is unique and enjoyable. You could also easily compare the aftertaste to that of cotton candy at a state fair or traveling carnival. This particular hard seltzer is light on carbonation. Getting the carbonation right is one of the keys to being a good seltzer. In this case the light carbonation mixes well with the flavors of the sparkling hard water.

Enjoyable Experience

Every time you try a new hard seltzer, you open yourself to the chance that you will be discovering a new favorite. If blackberries are your thing, then PRESS Blackberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer may be a beverage right up your alley. The blackberries give the hard seltzer a delightful fruit essence. Infusing the drink with hibiscus adds a sweet flowery taste to the mix. Because the beverage has a low carbonation level, the natural flavors really stand out. If you are a fan of sweet wines, then this particular spiked sparkling water will really excite you. It is a little high on calories, total carbs, and total sugars, but blackberry enthusiasts may find it high on the enjoyability scale. And just like other combinations we’ve sampled in our PRESS Hard Seltzer Reviews, there is no shortage of flavor.


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