NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer Review: Classic Lemonade

NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer Classic Lemonade Featured

Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2.3g

ABV: 4.5%

NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer Classic Lemonade FeaturedNÜTRL Vodka Seltzer Classic Lemonade for a Refreshing Party Experience

How do you reward yourself after long months of hard work? A staycation? A vacation? a pool party? Or a shopping trip? While you ponder on this, here’s something else to consider. The last few years have taught us that the world may look big, but it’s so small that a virus can lock us in for months. More than ever before, we now appreciate friendship, companionship, and every moment we spend with the people we love. So, while taking a break to refresh yourself, consider doing it with the favorite people in your life and a drink that suits the moment. It could be a trip to your dream vacation location or a night in with your besties. Whatever it is, you want your favorite people… and favorite drinks around. Spirits-based seltzers have become famous for moments like this, and one seltzer that stands out for us is the NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer Classic Lemonade. Let’s take you through what it offers.

Vibrant Fruity Drink for an Unforgettable Experience

NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer Classic Lemonade is a refreshing seltzer that gets you in the mood to party. The first thing you’ll notice about this seltzer is its cloudy lemonade coloring that’s both authentic and enticing. Its light citrus scent gradually fills the room. Like most classic lemonade drinks, this one is tart yet refreshing. It’s not as bubbly as many seltzers, so we recommend sipping directly from the can. It is not too sweet or too sour, so it easily falls into the category of flat seltzer water with lemon wedges. It pairs well with some fresh fruit, spicy tacos, or even grilled chicken. The flavor is consistent from the first sip to the last, and although it doesn’t offer any excessive vibrancy, its refreshing taste still gets people asking for more.

Instantly Refreshing

NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer Classic Lemonade not only keeps you refreshed when the weather gets hotter, but it also turns any day into a celebration. It tastes like a traditional lemonade without an intense lemon flavor. Every sip brings the nostalgic feel of hot summer days with a fresh pitcher of lemonade. This offering is a bit sour and less sweet than actual lemonade. Clocking in at 4.5% and 100 calories, the vodka seltzer is mild and sessionable. It is also gluten-free and only contains 2.3 grams of carbs and sugar, so you can hand it out to everyone at your party.

Sure to Delight

As far as vodka seltzers go, NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer Classic Lemonade is sure to delight everybody. Although it is not too sweet and doesn’t have a very strong aroma, it still attracts attention, urging you to keep drinking after your first can. When it does, a 4.5 % ABV won’t prevent you from drinking a second can. It is a delightful beverage that brings the perfect vibe to your poolside party.

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