Michelob ULTRA Hard Seltzer Review: Kiwi Lime

Michelob Ultra Kiwi Lime

Rating: 91 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 5g

ABV: 4%

Michelob Ultra Kiwi LimeMichelob ULTRA Kiwi Lime is a Drink for Every Season

If you grew up in an area like we did, kiwis weren’t something the you bought in the store. Instead, the hardy kiwi vine grew up around your garage or the side of your house. Perhaps it was in your neighbor’s garden. All along the stalky vine, small, fuzzy balls grew. They looked ready to eat in late summer, but you had to wait patiently as the weather cooled and frost threatened. Only then, were the kiwis ready to eat. If you’re like us, whenever the word kiwi is mentioned, you’ll immediately remember about laborious process of peeling the fuzzy rind off to get to that bright green fruit. Once you get to that sweetness, though, all of the time waiting was worth it. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to serve a kiwi. And, Michelob ULTRA Kiwi Lime combines the delicious taste of kiwi with the tangy, sweet flavor of lime. Here’s everything you should know about this hard seltzer and its characteristics.

Lasting Flavor

From the moment you pop a can of Michelob ULTRA Kiwi Lime, a sweet citrus aroma fills the environment around you. As we pour the beverage over ice, the excellent level of carbonation makes itself known with a light fizzing sound. The first sip delivers the perfect blend of citrus and kiwi flavors. The taste strangely reminds us a little of a green apple jolly rancher. Certainly, this aroma is spot on, but the taste keeps us excited for more. There are no artificial sweeteners, but the natural sweetness finds a way of arousing our taste buds with every sip. The clean taste of the drink makes it almost impossible to stop after your first can. This fine beverage is two great tastes in one: tangy lime and sweet kiwi, but neither of the flavors are overpowering.  It doesn’t suffer the overkill that we experience with so many fruit-flavored seltzers.

Packed With Goodness

Michelob ULTRA makes their Kiwi Lime Hard seltzer with purified water, organic cold-fermented cane sugar, organic kiwi juice from concentrate, organic natural flavors, organic white grape juice from concentrate, organic coconut water from concentrate, citric acid, organic setvia leaf extract, and organic malted rice. The combination of organic ingredients makes it a good choice for people who are conscious of such things. Five grams of carbs is a little higher compared to many other hard seltzer options, but it’s common with drinks that contain coconut water. The comparatively high carb content is well balanced with the drink’s 90 calories and 3 grams of sugar. These drinks have a lower alcohol content as well at 4% abv. This means you can have more than one! And yes, this drink is gluten-free.

Bring Your Summer Party to Life

Michelob ULTRA Kiwi Lime is refreshing and loaded with unique flavor combinations. This is a perfect sweet and refreshing drink for summer days, but you can also put it in the mix when you want a little sunshine in the autumn, winter, and even spring. Beyond the succulent taste of kiwi in the seltzer, it also has a good squeeze of lime. Along with kiwi and lime, we also found a hint of the coconut water. You’re going to want more than one, and the 4% ABV content means you can feel free to have more after the first can.


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