It’s Your Last Chance to Try Long Drink Peach

The Finnish Long Drink Peach

Long Drink Peach

The Finnish Long Drink Peach“Splish splash… get Peach while it lasts,” The Finnish Long Drink Company captioned on its Instagram post last Saturday. This summer, The Long Drink released its first-ever limited edition pack, The Long Drink ‘Midsummer’ Flavored Gin Variety 8-Pack. This exclusive pack includes a delightful mix of four Traditional Long Drink cans, two Cranberry cans, and an exciting addition – two cans of the all-new Peach flavor. However, these peachy drinks will only be on shelves for a very short time, and that time is running out.

The Long Drink Company

The Finnish Long Drink from The Long Drink Co. stands out in the world of RTD brands. While many brands offer a variety of cocktails, this company specializes in one, and it’s a hit – the Long Drink. Hailing from Finland, this cocktail originated during the 1952 Summer Games. The country faced shortages and needed a refreshing option for tourists and citizens. The Finnish government crafted the Long Drink, blending grapefruit juice, juniper berry, and gin. Fast forward to 2018, when the Long Drink Company introduced it to the US, catching the attention of movie star Miles Teller, who became a part owner and helped with the brand’s expansion stateside.

The Finnish Long Drink has been a big hit in the US since its debut in 2018 and remains a top-selling RTD brand. The Long Drink comes in four varieties: Traditional, Strong Citrus (8.5% ABV), Zero Sugar, and Cranberry. Each version has unique strengths, with all four highly recommended by Seltzer Nation. The Long Drink Company offers a unique and well-crafted experience with its signature cocktail, making it a standout in the RTD market.

Everything We Know About The Finnish Long Drink Peach Flavor

The ingredients of these delicious peach canned cocktails are gin, natural peach and juniper berry flavors, carbonation, and carrot juice for color. The alcohol content clocks in at 5.5% ABV, which aligns with The Finnish Long Drink Cranberry and Traditional. Unfortunately, the calories, carbs, and sugar content of The Long Drink Peach remain a mystery. The cans do not disclose the nutrition information, and the brand did not immediately respond to our request to clarify these details. However, a little detective work suggests that Peach’s profile may mirror The Long Drink Cranberry, which weighs in at 230 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates. These packs are available nationwide. You can find the nearest location to you on the company website. If you’re a devotee of The Finnish Long Drink with a penchant for peaches, we suggest you pick up a pack today.

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