High Noon Tequila Seltzer Fiesta Pack with Two New Flavors

High Noon Tequila Seltzer Fiesta Pack

Two Brand-New High Noon Tequila Flavors

If you love tequila RTDs, chances are you’ve tried High Noon Tequila Seltzers. According to IRI Worldwide, High Noon Tequila Seltzers were the top-selling tequila ready-to-drink cocktail after their launch in Spring 2023. High Noon Hard Seltzers and Tequila Seltzers have established themselves as leaders in the realm of ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails, captivating consumers with a perfect blend of quality and innovation. Their newest offering introduces enthusiasts to an exciting duo of flavors: Blood Orange and Prickly Pear. These two flavors join fan favorites Grapefruit and Lime in the brand-new High Noon Tequila Seltzer Fiesta Pack.

A Growing Lineup of Tequila Seltzer Flavors

The High Noon Tequila Seltzer Fiesta Pack is available now nationwide. It adds two new flavors to High Noon’s existing lineup of Lime, Strawberry, Grapefruit, and Passionfruit. The flavors of the original lineup come highly recommended by the testers here at Seltzer Nation. High Noon’s Tequila Seltzer line is made with Tequila Blanco and real fruit juice. The two new tequila RTD flavors in the pack, Prickly Pear and Blood Orange, contain 100 calories, 4.9 grams of carbs, and 2.6 grams of sugars. The Fiesta Pack comes in a variety 8-pack of 12 oz cans. You can find the Fiesta Pack at your nearest alcohol retail location using the brand’s product finder.

Wait! There’s More

High Noon is also releasing a Lime Tequila Seltzer 700 ml (24 oz) tall can, and it’s resealable. Meaning, you can drink as much as you want, take a break, and then finish it off. No more tossing out half a can when your drink goes flat. According to our reviewers, High Noon Lime has a subtle tequila presence complementing a strong lime center. It is a “refreshingly balanced beverage catering to both tequila connoisseurs and those with a preference for a milder tequila essence.”

Want to find your perfect hard seltzer or canned cocktail? Try our Seltzer Finder! You can search by flavor, ABV, carbs, and more to discover your ideal beverage.


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