Funky Buddha Hard Seltzer Review: Bright Starfruit

Funky Buddha Bright Starfruit

Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 4.5%

Funky Buddha Bright StarfruitFunky Buddha Bright Starfruit: A Taste of Tropical Rarity

Starfruit, often found in tropical regions like Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, is a unique fruit known for its star-shaped appearance when sliced. This exotic fruit boasts a taste that is both sweet and tangy, reminiscent of a blend between an apple and a citrus fruit. Today, we delve into Funky Buddha Bright Starfruit Hard Seltzer, a beverage that promises to encapsulate the essence of this elusive fruit in a bubbly concoction.

A Star-Studded Experience

Upon opening a can of Funky Buddha Bright Starfruit, the aroma is reminiscent of fruit-flavored gum, perhaps reminiscent of a Trident fruit flavor. As the effervescence dances on your palate, the initial sip introduces you to a light and bright flavor profile. The taste is refreshing, although it might not be a flavor you’d prefer to purchase on its own. However, it’s a rare treat. It’s a delightful surprise to come across a starfruit-flavored seltzer, and Funky Buddha does a commendable job of rendering the starfruit essence. The accurate representation of the fruit’s taste is appreciable. The drink maintains good carbonation throughout the experience, adding a pleasant effervescence to the overall enjoyment.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Looking closely at the ingredients, Funky Buddha Bright Starfruit is crafted with care, using ingredients like water, alcohol from cane sugar and blue agave, natural flavor, citric acid, and carbon dioxide. At 90 calories, with merely 1 gram of total carbs and zero grams of sugar, it caters to those mindful of their dietary choices. Additionally, the alcohol content is at a 4.5% ABV, making this drink slightly lighter in alcohol than the average seltzer. It is also gluten-free, ensuring that a broader audience can relish this unique flavor blend without any concerns.

A Quirky and Refreshing Twist

In conclusion, Funky Buddha Bright Starfruit Hard Seltzer brings the tropical allure of starfruit to the world of flavored seltzers. While it might not top the list of preferred flavors for some, its rarity and accurate representation of starfruit flavor make it a unique addition to the market. This seltzer manages to offer a quirky and refreshing twist, making it a notable choice for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

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