Fresca Mixed Vodka Spritz: Mango Citrus

Fresca Mixed Mango Citrus Vodka Spritz

Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Fresca Mixed Mango Citrus Vodka SpritzFresca Mixed Mango Citrus Vodka Spritz is a Tropical Medley

Mangoes, revered for their lush, tropical sweetness, evoke visions of picking ripe fruit under the sun, the juice dribbling down your chin as you taste the pure essence of summer. It’s a flavor that’s vibrant, juicy, and oh-so-satisfying. Fresca Mixed Vodka Spritz Mango Citrus promises to add this luscious fruit with the zesty allure of Fresca. We decided to taste this tropical ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktail, and below you will find our observations.

Sip the Sunshine

The adventure begins with a burst of ripe mango hitting your senses, transporting you to sun-kissed orchards. As you take that first sip, the fusion of mango and the classic Fresca citrus unfolds. It’s a tropical symphony on your tongue—juicy, sweet, and invigorating. The mild carbonation dances delicately, enhancing each sip without overpowering the mango’s natural sweetness. Despite the promise of alcohol, the drink remains refreshingly light and fruity, with no overwhelming boozy undertones. From start to finish, it’s a vibrant, calorie-conscious indulgence.

Ingredients Unveiled

Crafted with real vodka and the iconic Fresca citrus, this Mango Citrus Vodka Spritz maintains a moderate 5% ABV, offering a light alcoholic touch perfect for relaxed moments. At a mere 100 calories, with a minimal 2 grams of carbs and just 1.3 grams of sugar, it’s a guilt-free treat. This drink also boasts gluten-free credentials, catering to a wide spectrum of beverage enthusiasts seeking both flavor and mindful consumption.

Tropical Temptation

In the world of spirited concoctions, the Fresca Mixed Vodka Spritz Mango Citrus stands tall as a tropical marvel. Its seamless fusion of juicy mango and the zest of Fresca’s citrus profile creates a harmonious indulgence. Despite the low-calorie count and modest alcohol content, it doesn’t compromise on flavor. Whether lounging by the poolside or enjoying a relaxing evening, this spritz is a delightful, fruity escape that promises a taste of paradise.

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