Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer Review: Watermelon

Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer Watermelon

Rating: 92 Points

Calories: 105

Carbs: 6.8g

ABV: 4%

Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer WatermelonFruit Cart Hard Seltzer Watermelon Tastes Like Candy

Watermelon is the ultimate fruit of choice on a hot summer day. It is sweet, juicy, and hydrating. There is something unique about the watermelon flavor (and overall experience) that simply cools you down and helps you relax and feel at peace while outdoors. This flavor also pairs well with cold beverages in the summer as well, especially when you add a subtle kick of alcohol and carbonation. Specifically, there is nothing like a watermelon hard seltzer on a hot day. Fruit Cart is known for their fruity hard seltzers. Our reviewers were intrigued by the Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer Watermelon. Subsequently, we decided to give it a try and provide our thoughts with this review. 

An Authentic Watermelon Experience

As soon as you take a sip of Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer Watermelon, you are wowed by its delicious taste. It tastes very similar to the watermelon candies that we enjoyed when we were kids. The incredibly fruity taste is largely delivered by the real juice in this seltzer. This drink contains 13% juice. This is a little higher than we desire, but nevertheless, it is incredibly yummy (we have no complaints at all about the flavor itself). There is a light pink color that is highly reminiscent of natural watermelon. The drink has a sweet scent that makes the experience all the more pleasant. It smells just like watermelon. 

Watermelon Hard Seltzer with a Subtle Kick

Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer Watermelon is classified as an ale; Dextrose is used for the malt, and nugget is used for the hops. Fruit Cart also makes this hard seltzer ale with real fruit and natural flavors. Although the strong flavor may not be for everyone, for those who love watermelon juice, it is highly enjoyable. These hard seltzers have a lower-than-average alcohol content of 4% ABV. We really appreciate this. It makes it easier to have a couple without fearing too much of a boozy feeling. There are just above 100 calories per can. It contains a relatively high amount of carbohydrates (6.8 grams). This hard seltzer does contain gluten. 

A Crisp and Cool Hard Seltzer

There is a lot to like about the Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer Watermelon, from the authentic, fresh watermelon aroma to the yummy taste delivered with each sip. This is an excellent hard seltzer. Fruit Cart advertises this hard seltzer as “crisp and cool like the Pacific Ocean.” This is an accurate way to describe the experience of this hard seltzer. It is filled with juicy goodness. If you love watermelon  — and, in particular, watermelon candy — then you are sure to love this hard seltzer. We highly recommend it for warm spring and summer days. However, you may want to store a few in the fridge inside your home or garage as well. 

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