Cutwater Spirits Releases 13% ABV Espresso Martini and Peppermint White Russian

Cutwater Spirits Espresso Martini and Peppermint White Russian

Cutwater Spirits Espresso Martini and Peppermint White Russian

It’s that time of year when you have to make one of life’s most controversial decisions – do you decorate for the winter holidays before or after Thanksgiving? Well, there’s one holiday delight you don’t need to put on hold. Some of our favorite RTD brands are releasing holiday-inspired cocktails. Among them, Cutwater Spirits has just released two exciting new flavors. In two Instagram posts, Cutwater Spirits announced the release of its Espresso Martini and Peppermint White Russian canned cocktail.

Why are Cutwater Spirits Cocktails so Popular?

RTDs may be trending this year in the Bev Alc market, but Cutwater Spirits has been making killer RTDs since before it was cool. The brand launched in 2015, and was purchased by Anheuser-Busch in 2019. Since then, the brand has seen astronomical growth year after year. Additionally, Cutwater (including its spirits lines) has earned more than 2,400 awards.

The brand has over 30 canned cocktails, ranging in alcohol content from 5.9% to 13%. The new Espresso Martini and Peppermint White Russian canned cocktails both weigh in at 13% ABV. It’s enough to make your holiday celebrations very jolly. For comparison sake, a 12 oz cocktail at 13% ABV has more alcohol than four shots of 60-proof tequila.

Everything We Know

The Cutwater Spirits Espresso Martini contains vodka, coffee cream liqueur, and cold brew coffee flavor. The can’s label does not declare caffeine, but that does not necessarily mean there is none in it. The brand states that this drink has over two shots of 80-proof Cutwater Vodka. The Peppermint White Russian has a similar recipe, containing vodka, coffee cream liqueur, and peppermint flavor. The drinks each come in at a whopping 540 calories. Additionally, they have 38 grams of carbs, 32 grams of which come from sugar. But, hey, it’s the holidays. Worry about it in January.

These cocktails are available now in “select states.” Find your nearest location on the Cutwater Spirits website.

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