Corona Hard Seltzer Review: Cherry

Corona Cherry Hard Seltzer

Rating: 89 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 4.5%

Corona Puts The Cherry on Top with This Spiked Sparkling Water

Corona Cherry Hard Seltzer— Surprise! That’s the sound of all of your friends shouting in unison in your living room, which you thought was dark and empty. As you entered your house unsuspectingly you were unexpectedly greeted with pleasure. They had gathered together and planned this surprise birthday part easily a month ago, and you had absolutely no idea about it. While the initial adrenaline is simmering down you soak in all the happy faces. You absorb the enthusiastic chatter and sit yourself down on your favorite sofa as they watch your shocked face break into a smile. The plan was executed perfectly. Your friends are satisfied and even amused. And now that you are entirely present to the celebrations taking place around you, you find yourself holding a chilled can of Corona Cherry Hard Seltzer. You open it and take a sip and find yet another unexpected surprise.

Excellent Carbonation

When it’s time to pop the can open, you are sprayed with the tireless carbonation that shoots out and bubbles over the rim. And a delicious aroma fills the room at the same time. Cherries are the order of the day, it would seem, and this hard seltzer has a natural fruity taste. You can certainly expect that bubbly fizz explosion mentioned earlier with this spiked seltzer’s excellent carbonation. No need to give it an extra shake, either. Sit back and enjoy as the bountiful bubbles deliver fresh cherry flavor straight to your palate.

Corona Cherry Hard Seltzer is Full of Flavor

Before throwing caution to the wind, be warned. The cherry flavor in this Corona Hard Seltzer is so delicious and so authentically sweet that it could pass off as a cherry soda. You certainly don’t want any kids to get a hold of it given that fact. And cherry connoisseurs can also enjoy this delectable but coy drink as a smoother tasting alternative to its bolder counterpart, the black cherry. And would you believe it contains zero processed sugar? Yes, indeed, what you are tasting is authentic cherry flavor, enhanced simply by some cane sugar. Pretty sweet deal we’d say.

This Cherry Wears a Crown

For this Corona seltzer review, it’s clear: If this hard seltzer was a cake it would be king. It’s delicious and has every ingredient and embellishment in place. It has a cherry on top just like Corona Cherry Hard Seltzer. It contains just 90 calories per serving and is also sugar free and gluten free. Low calorie, low carbs, no sugar, and no gluten? Yes, please! This spiked sparkling water by Corona is simply a delight bubbling over with rich cherry flavor. The excellent carbonation and a moderate ABV of just 4.5% make this seltzer a great choice for extended enjoyment. We hope you’ll give it a try and enjoy it as much as we did!


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